ESET Smart Security 4.0 Beta Available

We’ve added some features to ESET Smart Security. The beta for version 4.0 is now open to the public. Visit to try out the new version.

As always with beta software, it is not recommended to be used on production systems.

New features include:

  • support for Microsoft Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird mail user agents
  • scanning of SSL-encrypted HTTPS and POP3S traffic
  • scanning of messages downloaded via the IMAP protocol
  • integrated SysRescue module for creating bootable discs and USB flash drives
  • integrated SysInspector module for analyzing runnings processes on computer
  • device driver-based cleaning module to remove malware which runs at boot time
  • Watch Activity pane graphs File and Network Activity with second, minute or hour precision
  • text mode interface for compatibility with screen-readers and other assistive technologies

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • jesus

    I need updates for the 2008 ESET

  • Dieygo

    I love the NOD smart security, is the world number 1

  • I’m afraid we can’t handle support issues very well on the research blog: not that we want to be unhelpful, but we aren’t set up for it. I’m not sure what sort of updates you need, but you should be able to drill down from the support page at If you have a problem with a beta product, is the best place to go. (You might, in that case, want to try the FAQs tab on the beta page.)

  • after installing this Smart security 4 Beta my system becomes so slow and internet connections is slow.

  • shivshankaran

    would love to purchase one when it is released.
    would also love to popularise the same in the local area.

  • By definition a beta version can cause problems that you wouldn’t expect from a release version. That’s why we don’t recommend that you put a beta version on a system that you use for critical tasks.

  • I’ve no doubt we’ll be announcing the release version here as well as on the main marketing pages, as I think quite a few people will be interested in this update.

  • blah!

    hey when is verison 4.0 coming out?
    any ideas?

    • Randy Abrams

      I’ll see if I can get someone from product planning or marketing to reply. I worked in product release services at Microsoft for nearly a decade. I never believe a release date until the product is actually released.

      If I had to guess, I’d give a range of between the end of winter and the end of summer :)



  • Herr Direktor

    This is a very fast AV program, however the password protected unistall feature annoys me since the installation program does not allow me to view the default password.

    Hence I stumbled upon this in my registry:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREESETESET SecurityCurrentVersionPlugins1000400Profiles@My profile

    at the binary value named “password” one can find the password encoded in Binary Coded Hexadecimal:
    14 d6 a4 e9 b9 f0 cf f2 2f 64 50 ad c4 c8 6d 75

    Looking elsewhere I found that ESET Smart Security is the only program that shows it’s own password in the registry.
    So I guess I’m going to uninstall this now…

  • Randy Abrams

    This is a product still in beta. Feedback should be provided to or in the forum at

    If someone has access to your registry, you have far worse problems than the password key you mention.


  • Roel Neumann

    Does ESET Smart Security 4.0 Beta work with Widows 7 Beta?

  • Randy Abrams

    That’s a tricky question. It seems to usually work, but both Windows 7 and ESS 4 are beta products. Anything can change with either of them at any time and break things for each other.

  • blah?

    an idea when v4.0 is coming out? like a month or two? I hope eset still is light on system resources and good detection rates… hope you guys improved on cleaning and deleting!

    any way good work!

  • Today!!!

  • nraeisi

    i hope nod32 get more improvement

    • Randy Abrams

      Let us know how!

      Randy Abrams
      Director of Technical Education

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