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I apologize in advance to our international readers if this post is not of international interest, however it may well be as the leaders of the US seem to have a little bit of global impact :)

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This is all social engineering. Social engineering is not limited to phishing, viruses and other computer scams. Computers are only a tool. The Internet is only a tool. When people realize that there is nothing magical or mysterious about computers, then they will be able to see that computers and the Internet simply are relatively new tools that can be used as all tools have been used throughout history.

If you get an email saying that you have won a lottery you never participated in, it is a hoax, it is not true, it is an attempt to steal from you. If you get an email that says anything about when and where you vote, or that there are cops waiting for people with unpaid parking tickets at the polling booths, it is also a lie perpetrated by criminals.

Don’t fall for either of the scams. Go out and vote. Do not let an email or a phone call mislead you.

By the way, a phone call from your bank is also suspicious. Always call back to a number you know to be good, not a number left in a voice mail or in a phone conversation. Your local bank branch should be able to provide you with a legitimate phone number for any banking, or credit card concerns.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • Yeah, a lot of people at my college were getting calls about that. Can’t hold me down, voted early!

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