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I’ve just found out that I have another book out. Well, a single chapter in a three volume set called The Handbook of Computer Networks. (The chapter is on E-Mail Threats and Vulnerabilities: thank you for asking.)

“I’ve just found out…” probably sounds quite disingenuous. How could anyone not know they had a book published? Well, the pace can be astonishingly leisurely in academic publishing. I was invited to write it in 2005, and returned the corrected copy-edits last summer, and apparently it came out in December: I didn’t know that until I mailed the Editor-in-Chief to ask how the project was going.

That’s not the longest incubation period for a book that I’ve experienced, though. An article I wrote in 2000 for the American Society  for Industrial Society turns out to have been repackaged in 2005 as an eBook. As far as I know, you can still buy it, but I’m not going to recommend it. Apart from the fact that I don’t get any money for it (what am I doing wrong that JK Rowling is doing right?), it’s very dated. The malware scene has changed a bit since 2000, and if they’d actually asked or even told me about the eBook, I’d have suggested that it needed updating if they were going to charge $5.95 for it.

The Handbook of Computer Networks is a little more up-to-date – well, as up-to-date as you can expect an accumulation of three-year-old chapters to be – and a lot more expensive. Don’t feel you have to go out and spend $750 for my benefit, though. I don’t get any of the money. Just a copy of the book and some witty remarks from my wife about not needing any more doorstops. But I know what my next book is going to be. “Harry Potter and the Ping of Death.”

David Harley
Research Author

Author David Harley, ESET

  • Bookmarked!

    Love the title
    “Ping of Death”

  • Thanks. :) I do have some alternatives. But I’m saving them for another blog. ;-)


  • AJ

    Heh, seems that since you’ve pushed so many people to their site, they’ve put the price up. You can now have the full set for only $900. Include in that an offset for the amount of trees chopped down to print it, and you’re not far off a bargain at $1000.


  • David Harley

    :) Too bad I’m not getting any royalties. But when my author copy eventually arrives, I’ll have a better idea what to ask on eBay. ;-)

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