Happy Birthday CastleCops!

Sometimes it seems that we are fighting a battle that we are destined to lose. To some extent, win or lose depends upon your definition of the terms. We have never completely beat crime, but we still have victories against criminals… sometimes.

Today it is a very great pleasure to wish a happy 6th anniversary to the tremendous folks at CastleCops and their very dedicated volunteers. Paul and Robin Laudanski are some of the most wonderful people anyone could ever hope to meet (I hope to meet them some day). Their work to help internet users has been inspiring.

Despite the most worthless dregs of humanity, the type that beat 90 year old women with sticks because that is as brave as those cowards can get, trying to shut down the CastleCops site, CastleCops is up and running and doing wonderful work for the community.

It is truly the successes of Jedi’s like the CastleCops community that keeps hope alive for the rest of us fighting the dark side of the force!

ESET congratulates CastleCops on another year of Excellence in Humanity

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • Thank you Randy and thank you ESET as always for doing good on the Internet. I’ve mentioned your congratulations here:


  • My Best to Paul and Robin and all the volunteers there at CCSP.
    Six years is a long time to stand in the fight and continue despite the attacks of the likes of, Mr.Greg King 21, of Fairfield,California who is under indictment by the U.S. Dept. of Justice for his DDoS of computercops.com while commanding his BotNet of compromised computers around the world.

  • A well deserved Happy Birthday CastleCops – Paul and Robin. I for one can only applaud all efforts and time spent in making the web a safer place. The both of us go back for many years now; I’m looking forward to a prolongued friendship for years to come.

    All the best,

    Paul Wilders

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