Got the flowers ordered? Dinner plans? eCard? Wait, eCard? I didn’t send her an eCard. The bad guys are ready for Valentine ’s Day. Actually they are not waiting. The jerks that brought you the storm worm are back at the eCard scam with amorous incantations about an  eCard for you.
As a rule of thumb, if the eCard does not have the name of the person who sent it, as well as your name in the body. You probably do not want to open it. It isn’t an eCard anyway, but you don’t need to follow the link to find out.
I know, you can’t get an eCard from a secret admirer if you require the sender’s name. There are far too many secret bots to trust a secret admirer with a web link on today’s internet. Don’t fall for the fake eCard!
Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education