Sugar Pill

WARNING! The following post contains examples of humor and satire. If you do not find this funny there is probably a pill for that too.

We’ve seen Red Pill ( We’ve seen Blue Pill ( Today I read about Purple Pill ( and so I have decided to pre-emptively warn you about Sugar Pill.

Sugar Pill is an exploit for all versions of Windows, Linux, and Apple operating systems, as well as WII, Atari, and most Symbian based phones. The beauty of Sugar Pill is that is cannot be detected now or ever. Sugar pill exploits the well documented “placebo” effect. Granted its effectiveness is limited to about 20%, but for those 20% it takes root and only a complete hardware and software replacement will rid the affected user of Sugar Pill. The fact that Sugar Pill does not exist is what makes it so incredibly difficult to detect. All known attempts at detection have either completely failed, or worse yet have only resulted in false positives.

Anti-Virus software cannot detect Sugar Pill, but it can rid your PC of Sugar Pill  –  you just have to really believe it does and then it is 100% effective.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

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