ESET Gains 43rd Virus Bulletin VB100 Award

Some of you witnessed the unexpected – ESET missed a VB100 in the April VB Linux comparative due to a false positive in the clean set. We are pleased to announce that following discussions with the staff of Virus Bulletin they have reversed that decision and granted ESET our 43rd VB100 award.

The Virus Bulletin web site states at

“In Virus Bulletin’s April 2007 Linux comparative review (see VB, April 2007, p.11), VB reported that ESET’s product NOD32 had generated a false positive during scanning of the older part of the clean test set. after further investigation and careful consideration, VB now deems that the file alerted on was inappropriate for inclusion in the clean test set. The file will be removed from the clean test set with immediate effect. A VB100 is therefore awarded to NOD32. No other products were affected.”

Virus Bulletin enjoys a rare position of respect in the anti-virus community due to their exceptional endeavors to provide scientifically repeatable and relevant testing. While reversals are rare, Virus Bulletin has never been afraid to reverse a decision if they deem it the correct thing to do. Many testers have their egos so entwined in their testing that they simply cannot ever admit that maybe they didn’t do things as best they could. Virus Bulletin does things as best as they can because their ego is in quality testing and not in pretending that, unlike the rest of us, they are perfect.

When I worked at Microsoft I always valued the results of Virus Bulletin testing above other tests I read. The reason was simple. Virus Bulletin was clear in how they tested, what they tested, and they are never afraid to let people know how they were improving on their already high quality standards.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • Federico

    I don’t know where to post this, but I find out that the Time C:WINDOWSretadpu173.exe Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent.NKY trojan

    Also modifies this entry on the windows registry:

    It changes “restrictanonymous” to 1
    Also there are others registry keys that i find out different to the default values….

  • I just found the same problem on my PC. I am running NOD32 2.70.39, virus signature database version 2293 (20070527) on Xp SP2, AMD Athon 64 with 2GB RAM.

    I ran NOD32 deep system scan 4 times and it never caught or cleaned this virus.

  • OK, first off, the blog isn’t tech support, so if you are looking for comments on an issue then please indicate what it is you are looking for comments on. If you need tech support then please see for support options.

    If you have a sample that NOD32 is not detecting then I would point you to the previous blog entry for instruction.

    No product detects everything. If the heuristics do not catch it then a sample is required to create detection and improve heuristics.


    Randy Abrams
    Director of Technical Education

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