AskESET, have you heard of this virus?

I received the following on from James G.

I have been hit by the following virus: (not on this PC)


Have you ever heard of this?

Hi James,

I am not familiar with a virus named vxauio.exe, but that looks a whole lot like a file name. File names are almost never reliable indicators of what a virus is. Executable files can be infected with any number of viruses.

I would refer you and other readers to a previous blog entry “So You Have An Undetected Virus?” at

The steps for dealing with vxaudio.exe will be the same as described in that blog entry.

Without a sample it is really impossible for me to accurately give you any information about the file or virus in question. Thanks for sending in the question though!

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • JOHN

    hi i have some how picket up the following virus, do you know it !!
    TROJAN-PSW.WIN32QQPASS.VT. could do with some help !!

  • Randy Abrams

    You didn’t mention what program told you that it was “TROJAN-PSW.WIN32QQPASS.VT”. Was it NOD32? If it is NOD32 then your best bet is to contact ESET technical support for assistance.

    If it was Kaspersky or ZoneAlarm, there appears ot be a recent false positive by this name.

    If the detection is legitimate then it would appear that you probably have a password stealing trojan. In cases like this, if security is important to you, it is best to wipe the hard drive, reinstall the operating system, and change every password you have stored on the computer or ever typed into the computer, such as passwords or PINs for banking sites, gaming sites, email accounts, your MSN account, etc. We can probably get rid of the trojan, but nobody can tell you for sure what other software that isn’t detected may have been placed on a computer that a remote attacker has the password to.

    Before you go to this trouble though, make sure it is not a false positive. Your anti-virus vendor’s tech support department, whether it is ESET or another vendor, will be best able to help you with this.

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