Good Directions? Priceless!

Fatigues – $28

Army boots -$129

GPS – $249

Good directions? Priceless

It seems the Swiss accidentally invaded Liechtenstein (

Now this is funny first and foremost because nobody got hurt. There were lots of other reasons it was funny too. For example, a neutral nation invading an unarmed nation is a rather comedic situation.

I got to thinking about how this could happen. I suppose it is possible that the Swiss soldiers came to the USA and TSA took away their pocket knives with the little compasses on them. That’s believable. Then I thought what if they have GPS units, what would cause them to malfunction? Back at the RSA conference in San Francisco in a keynote speech, John Thompson warned the audience that if we got lost in San Francisco that day it might be that their GPS was infected with a worm or a virus!

I’ll ask our developers to look into NOD32 for GPS’s right away! Meanwhile, if any of you have connections with the TSA could you please ask them to check for 170 little pocket knives with compasses on them.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

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