Week in security with Tony Anscombe

ESET research uncovers Operation StealthyTrident – Security flaws in trading apps – IRS expands its Identity Protection PIN program

ESET researchers discovered that chat software called Able Desktop, part of a business management suite popular in Mongolia was used to deliver the HyperBro backdoor (commonly used by LuckyMouse), the Korplug RAT, and a RAT called Tmanger. A Q&A with security researcher Alejandro Hernández, who has unearthed a long list of vulnerabilities in leading online trading platforms that may expose their users to a host of security and privacy risks. The IRS announced that all U.S. taxpayers would be able to enroll in its Identity Protection PIN program starting mid-January. That program was previously only available to specific users. All this – and more – on WeLiveSecurity.com.

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