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Trends 2017: Ransomware of Things

Welcome to the Ransomware of Things, where all connected devices are at risk of being compromised, locked and held to ransom by cybercriminals.

In between dreams, you hear the alarm on your mobile phone ring. You open your eyes and turn it off from your smartwatch. Your smart TV welcomes you with the daily news and you look for the weather forecast: it is a freezing winter’s morning. Your car is waiting outside, just like any other day, but you know that if you don’t warm up the engine, it will hardly work.

To save some time, you grab your smartphone, open the car app and try to remote start the vehicle from the comfort of your kitchen. But it does not start. Instead, a notification on your screen says: “Your car has been locked! If you want to use it again, follow the instructions and pay 0.5 bitcoins”.

Welcome to the Ransomware of Things.