Sednit: How this notorious cyberespionage group operates

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Take a closer look at the cyberespionage group Sednit, which has targeted over 1000 high-profile individuals and organizations with phishing attacks and zero-day exploits.

For more information on Sednit, check out the in-depth research carried out by ESET below:

En Route with Sednit – Part 1: Approaching the target
En Route with Sednit – Part 2: Observing the Comings and Goings
En Route with Sednit – Part 3: A Mysterious Downloader
En Route with Sednit: Full Whitepaper

See also two blogs on the cyberespionage group, courtesy of Graham Cluley:

New ESET research paper puts Sednit under the microscope
Lifting the lid on Sednit: A closer look at the software it uses
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