5 ways to avoid credit card fraud

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Your credit card information is highly sensitive and always at risk of theft. Check out our 5 ways of avoiding credit card fraud.

  • Robert.Walter

    1. Call your CC issuer and have them send you a new chip equipped card.
    2. Chip, don’t swipe card at POS terminals.
    3. Don’t store credit card data in any more online sites than is absolutely necessary.
    4. Set up text and email messages for any activity; set the trigger limits as low as possible.
    5. If possible, enable 2FA on your card issuers website and any others as allowed by the sites.
    6. Set a unique, random, 15-character p/w for each site you use; don’t ever reuse or use similar passwords for any site;
    7. Use a password manager, either an integrated one like iCloud Keychain, or a 3rd party one.
    8. Don’t let your card out of your site, if a waiter can’t bring a pos unit to you, then go with your card to the fixed pos machine.
    9. Shred your CC receipts.
    10. Cover your CC number with electrical tape to obscure it from cameras.
    11. Don’t (give out a sample of your signature by) sign(ing) your credit card; instead write “Ask for ID” on the signature panel with a Sharpie.
    12. Don’t use a cheap shredder as shown in the video; instead buy a cross-cut shredder.
    13. If you don’t have a cross-cut shredder, shred old cards in landscape, rather than portrait, orientation.
    14. Don’t tote around cards you don’t use; instead, cancel and shred them.
    15. Stop using your debit cards for anything more than ATM withdrawals from trustworthy and well frequented ATMs.
    16. Have your bank restrict the amount of cash per withdrawal and per day via your ATM card.
    17. Allow your ATM card to draw from only one sub account, and keep a small balance in that account.

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