The Internet Book of the Dead

This paper is a bit different from other papers you’ll find on the ESET white papers page. Following is a mock interview between Dan Damon, of BBC radio and David Harley discussing the complications of a digital world when someone passes away.

2010: Cybercrime Coming of Age

The Research teams in ESET Latin America and ESET North America put their heads together in December 2009 to discuss the likely shape of things to come in the next 12 months in security and cybercrime.

Staying Safe on the Internet

On the Information Superhighway, the traffic signals are always at amber. Here are some suggestions for reducing the risk from collisions and carjacks. Part One of a series of short papers.

Keeping Secrets: Good Password Practice

Everyone knows that passwords are important, but what is a good password and how do you keep it safe?

Social Security Numbers: Identification is Not Authentication

Americans are often expected to share their SSNs inappropriately: what are the security implications, and how serious are they?

Playing Dirty

Describes in detail how criminals make money out of stealing online gaming credentials and assets.

Cybersecurity Review: Background, threatscape, best-practices and resources

Cybersecurity is about protecting information and its related resources. This paper examines the different threats we face from cybercrime (the threatscape), real-world statistics to explain the scope and reach of cybercrime, and consumer and business best-practices — to protect both critical and non-critical information.

Free but Fake: Rogue Anti-malware

Understanding and avoiding fake anti-malware programs that offer “protection” from malware that doesn’t really exist.

Common Hoaxes and Chain Letters

An ongoing series of papers that describe some of the commonly-found lies and half-truths that continue to circulate on the Internet, and discuss some ways of identifying them.

Net of the Living Dead: Bots, Botnets and Zombies

Describes the botnet phenomenon in detail: its origins and history, current trends, and what you need to do about it.

The Spam-ish Inquisition

A detailed overview of spam, scams and related nuisances, and some of the ways of dealing with them.

ESET Smart Security 4

A detailed overview of ESET’s flagship security package by the team that brings you the ESET series of product-independent threat analyses.

Heuristic Analysis – Detecting Unknown Viruses

A detailed analysis of the differences between traditional threat-specific detection and proactive detection by generic detection and behavior analysis.

The root of all evil? – Rootkits revealed

This paper describes and de-mythologizes the rootkit problem, a serious but manageable threat.

The Passing Storm

The Storm botnet may have blown itself out, but its legacy remains. This paper places Storm in the context of botnets in general, examining its technical, social, and security implications.

Endpoint Security: Proactive Solutions for Networkwide Platforms

IDC # 216642

Beyond Signature-Based Antivirus: New Threat Vectors Drive Need for Proactive Antimalware Protection

Adapted from Worldwide Antivirus 2006-2010 Forecast Update and 2005 Vendor Analysis. IDC #204715

Malware Detection Techniques

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