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Tax identity fraud: Bringing the fight to this menace

Tax identity fraud is a multibillion dollar industry for criminals. ESET’s Lysa Myers explores new measures and offers some top tips on how to tackle this menace.

Millennials and GDPR ‘pose increased cybersecurity risk to companies’

Millennials and the demands of upcoming GDPR regulations could result in a greater cybersecurity risk for many businesses, new research has suggested.

IAAF: ‘Fancy Bear’ Sednit behind cyberattack

The IAAF has become the latest organization to fall victim to the cybercriminal gang Sednit.

Don’t pay for what is for free: Malicious Adobe Flash Player app found on Google Play

ESET researchers have discovered a malicious app at Google Play tricking its victims into paying €18 ($19) for Adobe Flash Player.

The right to privacy in the digital era

ESET’s Miguel Ángel Mendoza discusses the right to privacy in the digital era, which is an increasingly important issue.

Backup your (digital) life

In the digital age, data backup is essential. Find out how you can protect yourself ahead of World Backup Day, which falls on April Fool’s Day.

Malware campaign targets open source developers on GitHub

Be on your guard if you’re a developer who uses GitHub – someone could be trying to infect your computer with malware.

Carbon Paper: Peering into Turla’s second stage backdoor

The Turla espionage group has been targeting various institutions for many years. Recently, ESET found several new versions of Carbon.

Close to 1.4 billion data records compromised in 2016

Over a billion data records were compromised globally in 2016, according to Gemalto’s latest Breach Level Index.

How to configure WinDbg for kernel debugging

In this post, Matías Porolli looks at how to configure an environment with WinDbg and virtual machines in order to debug drivers or code running in Windows kernel space.

Apple underwhelmed by latest CIA exploits revealed by WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks’s revelations about security vulnerabilities in Apple products appear to be a damp squib.

16 years of Mac OS X: Secure but not invincible to malware

Mac OS X is still secure 16 years after its creation, but increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. No operating system is 100% malware-proof.

GDPR: A simple explainer

The GDPR is the biggest change in data protection laws for 20 years, and comes into effect on May 25th, 2018. We answer some key questions.

When bad bugs bite: Apple iCloud accounts ‘held hostage’

The so-called Turkish Crime Family is demanding that Apple pays it a ransom, otherwise it will delete millions of credentials it says it possesses.

If you download Minecraft mods from Google Play, read on …

ESET researchers have discovered 87 malicious apps on Google Play disguised as mods for Minecraft.

Google: More websites falling victim to cybercriminals

Google says that the number of websites compromised by cybercriminals has risen by 32%.

The economics of cybersecurity for the undecided

How do you calculate the value at risk? Choosing between investing in antivirus software or doing nothing to prevent cybercrime is not black and white. We explore the grey areas of cybersecurity economics.

ABTA experiences data breach

The Association of British Travel Agents discovered the data breach on March 1st, but failed to notify customers until March 16th.

Flashback Friday: Operation Windigo

In 2014, ESET delivered a comprehensive and detailed report on Operation Windigo. We take a look back at what was documented and what insight was gathered.

Number of women in infosec industry ‘remains stagnant’

The number of women working within the infosec industry is “continues to remain low”, and could be exacerbating the skills gap within the industry.

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