Kids Online

A generation of connected kids

Speaking as a parent and security expert, Tony Anscombe looks at the challenges, advantages and opportunities that connected kids are exposed to.

Child safety: An unexpected radio interview

David Harley, talking about child safety and security in (and yet not in) the South Atlantic.

At what age should kids be able to access online services?

In this article, ESET’s Miguel Ángel Mendoza asks: “At what age should kids be able to access online services?”

Finland – hope in the fight against cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is an issue causing havoc in schools across the world, but a Finnish scheme created in 2009 is making a big difference.

Do you know if your child is being cyberbullied? These are the red flags

As June 17th is Stop Cyberbullying Day, we have prepared a list of indicators that can help parents recognize whether their offspring is being cyberbullied.

Comparing dads across nations: Who has the strictest parents?

Which country has the strictest parents? ESET’s recent survey tests whether old stereotypes ring true in the digital era.

Children’s Day advice: The risks looming in cyberspace

For many parents, especially those who aren’t digital natives, recognizing risks that loom in cyberspace is not easy. This guide helps point to some of the main threats.

Online safety for families across the years

When it comes to online safety, it can be difficult to understand what’s suitable for different age groups. Our guide offers advice on how to manage this over the years.

Mother’s Day comparison: Which nation has the strictest moms?

On Mother’s Day, ESET takes a deeper look into the results of its recent survey focusing on parenting in a digital era. We looked at how moms in the US, Germany, the UK and Russia are trying to protect their children.

Online grooming: A threat to minors that demands our attention

In an era when children are becoming digital natives, using and understanding technology from an early age, safety risks that have existed for some time could also affect them, if we fail to take the necessary precautions.

Digital childhoods: How different nations bring up their kids

ESET has looked deeper into what parents in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Russia regard as the appropriate age for digital activities.

4 internet-savvy countries agree: Kids go digital too early

Online surveys by ESET show that a majority of parents in Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States are not at all happy about their children going digital too early.

Online predator busted after being intercepted by tech-savvy mom

An attentive and tech-savvy mom, based in Colonie in New York, has been lauded by the police for helping uncover and bring an online predator to justice.

Australian parents’ concerns differ from kids’ actual behavior online

When it comes to protecting your children online, knowledge of risks is vital. With this in mind, ESET asked Australian parents about their main concerns.

Making devices secure this Christmas

Increasingly, on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas, parents are buying mobile and internet connected devices for their children. Our guide looks at how to make them safe before they are are unwrapped.

How parents can assess the suitability of apps for their kids

Confused about being able to assess the suitability of apps for your children? This handy features highlights some of the key things to look out for.

4 top security tips for parents

This introductory guide to online safety offers parents some useful security tips on how to protect their children.

5 things you can monitor with your parental control tool

One of the biggest concerns parents have about the internet is the sites their children are browsing. Parental control tools can help allay this worry.

The best social networks for younger children

If you’re looking to introduce your child to social networks and want peace of mind, look no further. Here are some of the most popular and secure sites.

UK parents ‘want minimum age for smartphone ownership’

A survey has found that most parents in the UK are keen to see a minimum age introduced for smartphone ownership.

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