Santiago Sassone

Santiago Sassone

Security Writer

Education: I am a journalist and graduate in Communication Sciences. I graduated from the TEA school and the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (both in Buenos Aires, Argentina). I also specialized in content generation, with courses on content marketing and audiovisual production.

Career summary: I started working in the internal communication area of a pharmacist in 2011, and then started working in the marketing and advertising department of a human resources agency. Simultaneously, I did different journalistic collaborations in magazines and portals, and I worked in radio for five years, where I worked as an International Politics columnist and production assistant for a weekly magazine.

Position and history at ESET: I joined ESET Latin America in early 2013 as a corporate communications specialist to coordinate our Somos ESET blog and edit articles, guides, courses and other materials generated by the research area. Today I continue with these responsibilities, but I also commission the creation of content for all our audiences, and continue to promote the name of ESET in the community.

What is the malware you hate? The botnets; zombies are nasty and used for detestable purposes.

Favorite activities: Football with friends every week is inevitable, but I also enjoy watching many movies (especially sci-fi and horror genres) and playing video games.

What is your golden rule in cyberspace? I doubt, then I click.

When did you have your first computer and what type was it? Impossible to remember the specifications of the first ones that were in my house, mainly because they changed very often; my parents always tried to be up to date so my brother and I could use the machines to study. The first one I used most often, especially for school, was an IBM with the brand new Windows 98, which I learned to use on a course.

What is your favorite activity or game on the computer? On my laptop I read the current topics that interest me and I am passionate about zapping on YouTube; I can spend hours there watching vlogs, podcasts, analysis, news, walkthroughs, tutorials, unboxings, etc., nothing is going to look boring there. As for games, I play the PS4 and my current favorite games are Bloodborne, The Last of Us, Resident Evil and any other horror video game with a good narrative and story orientation.

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