Eugene Rodionov

Eugene Rodionov

Malware Researcher

Education: Ph.D. in Computer Science

Highlights of your career? Focused on the analysis of complex threats. A co-author of the corresponding research papers: “TDL3: The Rootkit of All Evil?”, “Stuxnet Under the Microscope” and “King of Spam: Festi Botnet Analysis”. Received Best Speaker award at AVAR 2012.

Position and history at ESET? Malware Researcher, Security Intelligence Program. Joined ESET team since 2010 as Malware Researcher.

What malware do you hate the most? Win32/Flamer is the malware I hate the most. I guess it’s needless to say why? ;)

Favorite activities? Reversing, programming, teaching.

When did you get your first computer and what kind was it? I got my first computer in 1998 it was Pentium 200.

Favorite computer game/activity? I spent my free time reading fiction/scientific-popular books and swimming.

Articles by author

Interconnection of Gauss with Stuxnet, Duqu & Flame

Last week, reports of a new malware named Gauss emerged, a complex threat that has attracted a lot of media attention due to its links to Stuxnet and Flame and its geographical distribution.  Since ESET has added detection for this threat, we are seeing geographical distribution of detection reports similar to those detailed by Kaspersky.