Is cybersecurity now as important as health and safety?

World Day for Safety and Health at Work takes place on April 28th 2017. You should use this as an opportunity to improve your cybersecurity posture.

Young duo sentenced over role in TalkTalk data breach

Two men are facing a prison sentence after admitting their part in the recent TalkTalk data breach.

Healthcare providers ‘cannot be complacent over data security’

Consumers have placed a high level of trust in healthcare organizations to keep their data safe, but companies cannot afford to take this for granted.

Young cybercriminals ‘more motivated by peer respect than financial gain’

A new report suggests young cybercriminals are often motivated by the possibility of notoriety, rather than financial gain.

Nearly half of UK businesses experienced a cybersecurity incident in the last 12 months

Nearly half of all UK businesses have experienced a cybersecurity incident over the last 12 months, according to a new government paper.

InterContinental Hotels Group reveals ‘how it minimized recent malware attack’

The InterContinental Hotels Group says the implementation of its SPS system helped to minimize the damage caused by a recent data breach.

Women in cybersecurity: Slowly but surely, change is coming

Only 11% of positions in the global cybersecurity workforce are occupied by women. We take a look at why and what is being done to change this.

10 ways to prepare your organization for GDPR

GDPR is coming into play in May 2018, but a lot of companies remain unprepared, which could have implications on how they process data.

Internet Society: Encryption is key to growing world economy

The Internet Society says that current perceptions of data encryption are misguided and need to change for the sake of the digital economy.

Millennials and GDPR ‘pose increased cybersecurity risk to companies’

Millennials and the demands of upcoming GDPR regulations could result in a greater cybersecurity risk for many businesses, new research has suggested.

IAAF: ‘Fancy Bear’ Sednit behind cyberattack

The IAAF has become the latest organization to fall victim to the cybercriminal gang Sednit.

Backup your (digital) life

In the digital age, data backup is essential. Find out how you can protect yourself ahead of World Backup Day, which falls on April Fool’s Day.

GDPR: A simple explainer

The GDPR is the biggest change in data protection laws for 20 years, and comes into effect on May 25th, 2018. We answer some key questions.

Google: More websites falling victim to cybercriminals

Google says that the number of websites compromised by cybercriminals has risen by 32%.

Flashback Friday: Operation Windigo

In 2014, ESET delivered a comprehensive and detailed report on Operation Windigo. We take a look back at what was documented and what insight was gathered.

Significant cyberthreat to UK businesses continues to grow

Greater collaboration is needed in order to combat the significant threat of cybercrime to British businesses, according to the UK’s National Crime Agency and the National Cyber Security Centre.

Home Depot agrees to $25 million settlement for data breach

US retail giant Home Depot is set to pay a $25 million settlement in relation to a data breach suffered in 2014.

Consumer Reports launches new privacy and data security standard

The US-based nonprofit organization Consumer Reports has come up with a new standard that aims to boost consumer confidence in privacy and data security.

Yahoo CEO forgoes annual bonus, worth millions, over security breaches

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer has missed out on $2m from her annual bonus due to her management of security breaches affecting billions of users.

Bletchley Park: Training the next generation of cybersecurity codebreakers

Bletchley Park, considered to be the birthplace of modern computing, is to train the generation of cybersecurity codebreakers.

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