Benjamin Vanheuverzwijn
Benjamin Vanheuverzwijn
Malware Researcher
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Education? B. Eng. Electrical Engineering

Position and history at ESET? Joined ESET in 2010 as a Malware Researcher

What malware do you hate the most? RSA BSAFE

Favorite activities? Reverse engineering, coffee’ing the world and being a robot.

What is your golden rule for cyberspace? Disassemble it first!

When did you get your first computer? 1995, it was a Pentium 166 MHz with a modem.

Favorite computer game? Warcraft 2, then one day there was the Internet.

Win32/Sality newest component: a router’s primary DNS changer named Win32/RBrute

DNS hijacking is still going strong and the Win32/Sality operators have added this technique to their long-lasting botnet. This blog post describes how the malware guesses router passwords as part of its campaign to misdirect users, send spam and infect new victims.

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