Joan Calvet
Joan Calvet
Malware Researcher

Education: B. Eng. Computer Engineering / Ph.D. Computer Science

Highlights of your career? The day I successfully made coffee at ESET Montréal’s office. I also presented at some security conferences like REcon and Virus Bulletin.

Position and history at ESET? I joined ESET in 2013, and before that I collaborated on several projects with ESET, as a LateX writer mainly. I am currently a malware researcher in the Security Intelligence Program.

What malware do you hate the most? I don’t have a favorite, I really execrate all of them.

Favorite activities? Reading sci-fi and cage fighting.

What is your golden rule for cyberspace? Don’t be naive.

When did you get your first computer and what kind was it? Good old 1990s, with a Pentium 200 (MMX).

Favorite computer game/activity? Losing at Quake Live.

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Boaxxe adware: ‘A good advert sells the product without drawing attention to itself’ Part 2

In this post, we examine the complex it fits into a larger click fraud ecosystem, where users can be redirected either automatically, or through search engines browsing, to advertisement websites.

Boaxxe adware: ‘A good ad sells the product without drawing attention to itself’ – Pt 1

This is the first in a series of two blog posts on the malware family Win32/Boaxxe.BE whose end goal is to drive traffic to advertisement websites by using various click fraud techniques, and thus earn money from these websites as an “advertiser”.

Win32/KanKan – Chinese drama

In this blog post, we will describe software detected by ESET products as Win32/Kankan, and explain why its discovery shocked many Chinese users, then we will provide an in-depth analysis of its functionalities – and discuss the evidence that Xunlei Networking Technologies is implicated.

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