Will Windows 10 leave enterprises vulnerable to zero-days?

One thing Microsoft has been very public about is Windows 10’s new strategy of releasing patches to update the operating system at different times for consumer and enterprise versions.

Zero-day exploit affects popular WordPress plugin

The Fancybox plugin for WordPress has been hit by a zero-day exploit that allows hackers to inject malicious code into websites, reports ZDNet.

Zero-day vulnerability in Flash Player exploited by attackers

A zero day vulnerability in Flash is being actively used by cybercriminals, according to Forbes.

Project Zero, la apuesta de Google para disminuir los ataques dirigidos

Google anunció el lanzamiento oficial de Project Zero, una iniciativa que nucleará a investigadores de seguridad que buscarán reducir la cantidad de personas afectadas por ataques dirigidos en Internet. El objetivo del equipo será buscar vulnerabilidades críticas en los sistemas y alertar sobre ellas antes de que sean explotadas con fines maliciosos.

Nuevo Zero Day en complemento TimThumb para WordPress

Una vulnerabilidad de tipo zero day en TimThumb, el complemento de Wordpress para convertir imágenes en thumbnails, permite la ejecución de código remoto. ¿Cómo deshabilitarlo y qué recaudos tomar para prevenir intrusiones?

Protégete del nuevo Zero-Day en Internet Explorer y Flash

El pasado sábado 26 de abril, Microsoft dio a conocer una vulnerabilidad de tipo 0-day en su navegador Internet Explorer, la cual podría permitir ejecución de código remoto. Este error afecta a todas las versiones del navegador, desde la 6 hasta la 11. Esta es la primera vulnerabilidad que no va a corregir para Windows

Vulnerabilidad 0-day en Microsoft Word permitiría ejecución de código

Microsoft publicó ayer un comunicado urgente debido a que encontraron una vulnerabilidad identificada como CVE-2014-1761 que afecta Microsoft Word, su mundialmente famoso procesador de texto. La amenaza corresponde al tipo 0-day y, según informan, el objetivo principal de los ataques es la versión 2010 de Word. No obstante, el problema podría comprometer a todas las

Encuentran vulnerabilidades críticas en Samsung Galaxy S4 y iPhone 5

Investigadores presentes en la competencia de hacking de plataformas móviles Mobile Pwn2Own dieron a conocer esta semana varias vulnerabilidades que permitirían el robo de información y, en algunos casos, la instalación de malware en el dispositivo atacado. Las fallas de seguridad fueron atacadas con exploits zero-day, y serán corregidas de forma inmediata, otorgando premios monetarios a

Java vulnerability confirmed by US Department of Homeland Security

A Java vulnerability seemingly discovered by a French researcher has been confirmed by the US Government.

Java zero day = time to disable Java, in your browser at least

Now is the time to disable Java in your web browser, or even remove it from your system if that is practical. Why? The bad guys are hard at work trying to exploit a zero day vulnerability in the latest version of Java (version 1.7, Update 6.). This vulnerability is the subject of a US-CERT

CVE2012-1889: MSXML use-after-free vulnerability

As soon as Microsoft had released patches for security bulletin MS12-037 (which patched 13 vulnerabilities for Internet Explorer) Google published information (Microsoft XML vulnerability under active exploitation) about a new zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2012-1889) in Microsoft XML Core Services. Sometimes vulnerabilities are discovered at a rate that outpaces the patching process and so a temporary fix

Stuxnet and the DHS

In fact, the real interest of the document lies in the extensive overview (12 closely-typed pages without graphics and such) of the DHS view of its own cybersecurity mission.

Vulnerabilidad de Internet Explorer explotada

La explotación de vulnerabilidades les brinda a los atacantes la posibilidad de llevar adelante tareas delictivas como la distribución de malware. En este caso en particular la aparición de un nuevo 0-day en el navegador de Microsoft, Internet Explorer, nos ha alertado a todos debido a su criticidad y a la posibilidad de ejecución de

How to Screw Up and Skew a Test

Even as AMTSO attempts to bring some qualified and competent guidance to testing methodologies, and individuals with an agenda or paranoia invent stories about why it is not good, we see more completely incompetent testing. I refer this time to the test that Steve Ragan wrote about at http://www.thetechherald.com/article.php/201031/5979/Anti-Virus-industry-lacking-when-it-comes-to-detection-says-report. The test performed by Cyveillance, who

Which Army Attacked the Power Grids?

The hot news http://blog.eset.com/2010/07/17/windows-shellshocked-or-why-win32stuxnet-sux is of a zero-day vulnerability that has been used to attack SCADA systems. This comes hot on the heels of an article on the Wired web site titled “Hacking the Electric Grid – You and What Army” http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/07/hacking-the-electric-grid-you-and-what-army/. So clearly Wired had already predicted the origins, at least vaguely, of Win32/Stuxnet.

Ten Ways to Dodge Cyber-Bullets (Part 9)

[Part 9 of an occasional series, updating a blog series I ran in early 2009 to reflect changes in the threat landscape. This series is now available as a white paper at http://www.eset.com/download/whitepapers.php.] Be Wireless, not Careless Don’t connect to just any “free Wi-Fi” access point: it might alter your DNS queries or be the “evil twin” of

Ten Ways to Dodge Cyber-Bullets (Part 8)

[Part 8 of an occasional series, updating a blog series I ran in early 2009 to reflect changes in the threat landscape. This series will also be available shortly as a white paper.] Anti-Virus isn’t Total Security Don’t expect antivirus alone to protect you from everything. Use additional measures such as a personal firewall, antispam and

SMB2 0-Day update

Microsoft’s advisory on the SMB driver issue is now available. As expected, it includes some comments on mitigation, but they’re rather fluffy. It advocates "Firewall best practices and standard default firewall configurations", which "can help protect networks from attacks that originate outside the enterprise perimeter,"  and suggests exposing a "minimal number of ports". Well, duh… I’d expect any firewall

SMB2 zero-day

Some traffic has crossed my radar concerning a 0-day exploit that apparently enables a remote attacker to crash a Vista or Windows 7 system with SMB enabled (and according to subsequent reports, Server 2008). The original post and exploit are claimed to demonstrate the possibility of a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) and (normally) an automatic reboot when

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