Yahoo CEO forgoes annual bonus, worth millions, over security breaches

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer has missed out on $2m from her annual bonus due to her management of security breaches affecting billions of users.

Yahoo faces SEC probe into its two record-breaking data breaches

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into whether Yahoo could have been quicker to tell investors about two record-breaking data breaches.

Yahoo, Match and AOL hit by ransomware

Cybercriminals taking advantage of a ‘malvertising’ attack on big name sites including Yahoo!, Match.com and AOL were making in the region of $25,000 per day, according to Forbes.

Yahoo told to “pull your pants up” after Shellshock hack claims

Yesterday, security researcher Jonathan Hall, of a company called Future South Technologies, accused Yahoo of having suffered a serious security breach via the recently discovered Shellshock vulnerability in Bash.

How to change Safari’s default search engine in iOS 8 for greater privacy

With iOS 8, you can – for the first time – switch your Safari browser’s search engine to alternatives such as DuckDuckGo. Find out why you might want to and, in fairness, why you might NOT want to…

Yahoo Mail falls victim to password hack

Yahoo has announced that its email system has recently been subject to a “coordinated effort to gain unauthorized access”.

Microsoft y Google dan un paso más por la seguridad de los niños en Internet

Proteger a los más pequeños en Internet ha sido prioridad para muchas empresas y organizaciones en el mundo. Esta vez Microsoft y Google han acordado aplicar una serie de medidas para disminuir el intercambio de pornografía infantil en la red. La noticia que fue publicada por el diario británico Daily Mail resalta como estos dos gigantes

Criminal hacking continues to cause headaches for Yahoo members

Malicious spam may still be spreading across Yahoo! Mail accounts. We show you how to turn on the added verification process that Yahoo! offers.

Datos de Yahoo! expuestos a través de inyección SQL

Hace algunos días,  Virus_Hima, un informático de origen egipcio dio a conocer algunas vulnerabilidades críticas que detectó en Yahoo!. Según se puede apreciar, tuvo acceso total a los archivos de copia de respaldo de uno de los servidores de dominio de Yahoo! y a doce bases de datos. Los agujeros de seguridad que permitieron dichos

Password Party Weekend? Millions exposed now include Phandroid, Nvidia, me

Changing the passwords on your online accounts might not sound like a fun weekend activity, but that’s what I did last weekend. Why? Because on Sunday I found out that one of my email addresses was in the list of Yahoo! logins whose passwords were exposed by sloppy handling of a credential file (an incident

Yahoo!: Posible nueva brecha de seguridad en la red

Nuevo supuesto ataque podría involucrar a una gran empresa del Valle del Silicio en una fuga de información de centenas de miles de contraseñas de sus usuarios. En los últimos meses se habían presentado eventos similares con algunas redes sociales, pero esta vez el supuesto afectado fue el servicio de Yahoo! para agregar contenido publicado

Passwords of Plenty*: what 442773 leaked Yahoo! accounts can tell us

If a service leaks your credentials, your options are limited, but changing all your passwords to something harder to guess/break is never a bad idea.

SOPA bytes GoDaddy’s business, and it will hurt you too.

SOPA as currently constructed can never work as intended. I'm not going to get into the reasons we don't like it because of its oppressive implications or because it is against our first amendment rights nor for any other reason (there's been so much other commentary on those issues that it would be superfluous). I

Nuevo engaño de Yahoo! Messenger

Como hemos explicado anteriormente, los ataques de malware pueden ser realizados a través de muchos medios, como por ejemplo por medio de correos electrónicos o las redes sociales. Esto lo hacen los creadores de códigos maliciosos para poder afectar a la mayor cantidad de víctimas posibles. Uno de los medios por los cuales se propagan

Phishing de Gran Hermano 2012 bajo la lupa

Tal cual comentamos en el post titulado Inscripción a Gran Hermano 2012 un tanto peligrosa, utilizando ingeniería social los creadores de malware aprovecharon el interés de las personas que quieren participar en el reality show Gran Hermano para propagar malware. En esta oportunidad analizaremos mas en profundidad el archivo ejecutable que es utilizado para realizar

Cycbot: Ready to Ride

Although the “Ready to Ride” group originated in Russia it distributes Win32/Cycbot outside the borders of the Russian Federation. Going by the prices per installation the primary target of the group is the US.

Protecting Consumers from Rogue Online Pharmacies

Over the past couple of years rogue online pharmacies have been advertising their domains on search engines and promoting themselves through search engine optimization.  Legitimate pharmaceutical companies have their own measures in place to work on taking these sites offline.  The problem with rogue online pharmacies is that they do not meet federal regulations.  To

Politicians Better at Security than Twitter, Yahoo, and Amazon

Recently Senator Schumer from New York wrote a letter (http://www.infosecurity-us.com/view/16328/senator-schumer-current-internet-security-welcome-mat-for-wouldbe-hackers/) to Twitter, Yahoo, and Amazon asking them to make SSL the default for internet connections. What this means is that instead of an http connection they should provide and https connection by default. This is important because with http connections you are exposed to risk

Scam of the Day AKA She Loves You Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

What a touching email. Mercy saw my profile and wants to know more about me. She even tells me “please don't forget that distance or color does not mean any thing,but love matters a lot”. What a sweet sentiment. Now I’ll show you the email and I think you’ll see what’s wrong with this picture.

Webmail Hacks

Recently there were reports of tens of thousands of hotmail passwords being posted on the web. In reality Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, and all email services are regularly being phished. If you receive an email telling you to provide your password it is a phish. That is as simple as it gets. Never give out

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