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Tech Support Scams: Top of the Pop-Ups

Support scams and fake alerts are still big business. We look at scammer psychology and a little parapsychology.

Virus Bulletin small talk: Diversity in tech

Ahead of next week’s Virus Bulletin conference, ESET’s Lysa Myers offers a teaser of what to expect of her “small talk” with colleague Stephen Cobb.

Signatures, product testing, and the lingering death of AV

Is it time to revalue the role of anti-malware? Maybe, but uninformed or intentionally misleading mutterings about signatures are not where to start.

Support Scammers and Self-Justification

Support scammers: old twisters, new twists, and scammer psychology.

Spoofed URLs: Homograph Attacks Revisited

How homograph attacks can present a spoofed, malicious link, and a case where a secure connection doesn’t guarantee a safe site.

Phish Phood for Thought

In 2007, David Harley and Andrew Lee suggested at Virus Bulletin that poorly-designed phish quizzes did more harm than good. Has the picture changed much?

Virus Bulletin and AVAR: a conference paper is for life

ESET conference papers from the 2014 Virus Bulletin and AVAR conferences are now available.

FBI libera ferramenta “crowdsourcing” contra malware

O FBI (Polícia Federal dos Estados Unidos) liberou o uso público do que antes era uma ferramenta de análise de malware somente disponível para a própria agência, para realizar o que é conhecido como crowdsourcing (solicitar contribuições de outras pessoas para otimizar o resultado de pesquisas), e dessa forma conseguir mais amostras de malware de

Bootkits, Windigo, and Virus Bulletin

ESET research on Operation Windigo received an award at Virus Bulletin 2014. Our research on bootkits was also well received, and is now available publicly.

Support Scams: Expect the Scammish Inquisition*

An update on support scams: but are the scammers looking for fresh fields and posturings new?

El regreso de BlackEnergy: ataques dirigidos en Ucrania y Polonia

Esta semana en Virus Bulletin presentaremos los resultados de nuestra investigación sobre nuevas apariciones de la familia de malware denominada BlackEnergy, que detectamos en Ucrania y Polonia.

Malware Investigator: cómo el FBI combate las amenazas

Seguimos desde Seattle en Virus Bulletin, donde vimos la presentación de Malware Investigator, la nueva herramienta del FBI que nuclea reportes automatizados de malware. Conoce todos los detalles.

Virus Bulletin 2014: el fin de los virus y la evolución de la industria antivirus

En el día de hoy comenzó la conferencia más importante de la industria antivirus, Virus Bulletin; tres días donde los principales investigadores de empresas de seguridad comparten los principales hallazgos sobre la evolución del malware y el cibercrimen. Este año el evento fue abierto por primera vez por Martin Grooten, Editor de Virus Bulletin, quien

Virus Bulletin presentations update

Updated information on ESET presentations at Virus Bulletin 2014.

Virus Bulletin, AVAR conferences: a tasty Conference Pair*

Autumn: the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, not to mention a couple of excellent security conferences. Virus Bulletin and AVAR make a very tasty Conference Pair.

Anyone want to know my Social Security Number?

Your home may be your castle, but on social networks, your friends are your perimeter. Will they enclose and protect your personal data?

Chip & PIN & Signature, Magstripes and EMV Go-Faster Stripes

The US is still perceived as a hotspot for card fraud: what difference will the ongoing roll-out of Chip & Signature EMV make?

Virus Bulletin review: 2 eBooks offering security guidance

An article for Virus Bulletin by David Harley reviews two eBooks offering security advice to consumers.

Netflix phish, tech support scam, same phrying pan

Yet another innovative tech support scam, using Netflix phishing to get remote access to the victim’s system.

Scams: Tech Support, Accident Insurance, PPI, Oh My My

It’s not just fake tech support: call centre cold-callers are operating various kinds of insurance scams, too.

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