Rebuffed! Social site Buffer fights off onslaught of fruity weight-loss spam

An invasion of fruity posts offering miraculous weight loss flooded Facebook and Twitter accounts linked to the social sharing app Buffer – appearing on official accounts for companies such as Brussels Airlines and Startup Genome.

Twitter faces fruit invasion as weight-loss spammers invade via Hootsuite

Twitter has been hit by a wave of spam promising “pure garcinia cambogia” – a vegetable extract used in weight loss supplements. High-profile accounts such as Jane Fonda’s fell victim, with attackers compromising Hootsuite accounts to gain entry.

Bulletproof Inbox: Tips for staying safe (and sane) on email

Many of us have got wiser to email spams and scams – but cybercriminals are in the perfect position to “fine tune” their attacks. Our tips might help you avoid the “click of death”…

Instagram hit by fruity spam attack

Instagram users were bombarded with pictures of fruit over the weekend in a spam attack that swept the photo-sharing network.

Man of Steel movie streams used as bait for Slideshare spam pages

Hit movies such as Man of Steel and World War Z have been used as bait to lure victims to spam pages on sharing site Slideshare, according to a report in The Register this week.

Iranian election phishing campaigns thwarted by Google

Google claims to have spotted and disrupted several phishing campaigns in Iran – attempts to compromise tens of thousands of email accounts in the run-up to the country’s presidential elections this Friday.

Banks “ignore early warnings” of cyber attacks, says Australian security chief

Banks should look to spam emails and their own server errors as a source of information, says Nicholas Scott of National Australia Bank (NAB), speaking at the RSA Conference Asia-Pacific in Singapore.

Android app store has serious clean-up with 60,000 apps removed

60,000 Android apps were removed from Google’s Play app store this February. Categories such as personalization (ringtone apps) were targeted heavily, with 12,277 deletions.

Criminal hacking continues to cause headaches for Yahoo members

Malicious spam may still be spreading across Yahoo! Mail accounts. We show you how to turn on the added verification process that Yahoo! offers.

Sinkholing of Trojan Downloader Zortob.B reveals fast growing malware threat

Malware infecting 25,000 computers, mostly in the United States, pumping out 80 million spam messages per hour? ESET researchers sinkhole to investigate Win32/TrojanDownloader.Zortob.B

Hundreds of thousands of Facebook likes can certainly be wrong

Issues with malware are always with us. There may or may not be a current media storm, or companies hoping for a slice of the anti-malware pie by proclaiming the death of antivirus in a press release, but AV labs continue to slog their way every day through tens of thousands of potentially malicious samples.

El chat por IRC no pasa de moda para el malware

En este post haremos un análisis del troyano detectado por ESET NOD32 Antivirus como IRC/Cloner.CA. Esta amenaza hace uso del protocolo IRC para enviar y recibir comandos. Lo llamativo de este caso es que, además del protocolo, también usa directamente el conocido cliente de IRC mIRC con algunas modificaciones en el ejecutable. El mIRC tuvo

Scam conference invites: a tale of several cities

An invite to a conference in California proves to be a scam, and a very similar spam claims the very same conference is taking place in New York in March.

Euro security agency lists top ten cyber threats

The EU’s cyber security agency ENISA has published its Cyber Threat Landscape analysis of 2012 which puts drive-by-exploits as the top web threat.

UK Information Commissioner targets spammers

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fined two owners of a marketing company £440,000 ($713,000) for bombarding the public with millions of unlawful spam texts over a period of three years. It’s the first time that the ICO has used its power to issue a monetary penalty for a serious breach of the UK Privacy

ESET mobile solution now available for Android

ESET has announced Endpoint Security for Android, which it says is specifically designed for the contemporary business environment and adds another layer of protection to the family of ESET Endpoint Solutions and features all the benefits made popular by the previous version of ESET Mobile Security Business Edition. The new Android solution also includes Anti-Theft,

Fuga de información afecta a 200.000 dominios de Perú

Durante el fin de semana se propagó por las redes sociales la noticia que información de usuarios de la única entidad que registra dominios web en Perú había sido filtrada después de un ataque del grupo Lulz Security Perú, quienes hicieron pública la información de más de 200.000 dominios en un archivo de una base

Avances en la detección de botnets por tráfico DNS

Una de las amenazas de las que más se ha hablado en estos últimos meses es Dorkbot, una botnet con más de 80.000 bots en Latinoamérica. Las botnets son redes comprometidas con algún tipo de código malicioso, operada por una entidad criminal y que se utiliza para hacer, por ejemplo, ataques de denegación de servicio,

Dorkbot: Correo sobre falso video de Julian Assange

Hemos recibido en nuestro laboratorio un correo electrónico en el cual se alega la existencia de un supuesto video donde la policía de Gran Bretaña ingresa a la embajada de Ecuador con la finalidad de capturar a Julian Assange. Asimismo, el correo implanta un remitente falso indicando que el mismo, supuestamente, proviene de un importante

20 mil millones de dolares: el costo del spam

Los usuarios todos los días se ven enfrentados a una serie de amenazas que pueden afectar la integridad de su información personal o causarle algún perjuicio económico. Una de las amenazas que lleva más tiempo afectando a los usuarios es el Spam. Lo más curioso de esta amenaza es que a pesar que se ha

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