Linux Apache malware: Why it matters to you and your business

This comprehensive look at the problems of malware on Linux Apache web servers explains the threats to business and helps you figure out if your organization is likely to be affected.

Apache/PHP web access holes – are your .htaccess controls really safe

If your organization’s website runs on Apache, and many do, you might wonder if the webserver’s .htaccess controls are securely configured. If you believe the demo we saw yesterday at Blackhat by Matias Katz and Maximiliano Soler, the answer is a resounding ‘NO!’ What Katz and Soler described in their session is not some rare

Solución a grave vulnerabilidad en PHP-CGI – Parte II

Continuando con la primera parte de este post, donde se explicó detalladamente en qué consistía la vulnerabilidad cuando se utilizaba tecnologías CGI, se explicará el alcance crítico que tiene esta grave falla y cómo a partir de ciertas funcionalidades que el propio módulo CGI brinda se puede lograr comrprometer un servidor. Finalmente se explicará cómo

Made in the Czech Republic: a PHP Autorun worm

Recently, a new data-stealing worm caught our attention. The reason why it stands out from many similar amateur creations is that its author is most probably Czech, as the text strings, variable and function names used by the malware suggest. The Czech text above is displayed by the worm inside a console window and translates

Troyanos en PHP

En muchas oportunidades cuando hablamos de malware, mas precisamente de troyanos, lo hacemos refiriéndonos a archivos ejecutables de plataformas Windows cuya extensión es EXE. En esta ocasión hablaremos de otro tipo de troyanos, como el que mostraremos a continuación, que está programado como un script PHP. Las muestras en cuestión son detectadas por ESET NOD32

Ecuador Government Web Site Attack

A situation has arisen in a governmental site in Ecuador. Taking advantage of a vulnerability on the server where the Web site is hosted, the attackers succeeded in accessing the system remotely.

Valentine Scams: Romancing the Stony-Hearted

As we've seen so many times before, cybercriminals are not ashamed to exploit horrors like the Haiti earthquake or 9/11, so it would be naive to expect them not to make use of our warmer sentiments, too. My colleague Urban Schrott at ESET Ireland has just blogged a cautionary note on that very topic.  I recently blogged

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