Nigerian Scam

Facebook and 419s

…I know that Facebook has various countermeasures for dealing with the even more various types of fraud that Facebook users are subjected to. Does it really believe that those measures are so effective, no fraudulent message can ever get through?

Scam of the Day AKA She Loves You Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

What a touching email. Mercy saw my profile and wants to know more about me. She even tells me “please don't forget that distance or color does not mean any thing,but love matters a lot”. What a sweet sentiment. Now I’ll show you the email and I think you’ll see what’s wrong with this picture.

Truly Touching

I was greeted with the most charming email this morning. A young lady is so impressed with me that she wants to share our heart's desires. Take a look… she sent it in two languages to make sure I would understand her. Ahh, but then I checked out who the email was sent to… It

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