.NET vira open source e multiplataforma

O Microsoft .NET framework, utilizado para a construção de milhões de site e aplicativos online, se tornará 100% open-source, segundo o anúncio da própria Microsoft no evento Connect(), para desenvolvedores virtuais. A empresa também anunciou seu compromisso com o funcionamento correto desse código em sistemas MAC OS e Linux, segundo o site Wired Reports. Scott

.NET goes open source and cross-platform

Microsoft’s .NET framework, which is used to build millions of websites and online applications, is taking further steps to go completely open-source, Microsoft has announced at the Connect() virtual development event. The company also stated its commitment to eventually ensure the free code runs on Mac OS and Linux too, Wired reports.

iPhone/Privacy.A: a bit more info

In my previous blog on this topic (http://www.eset.com/threat-center/blog/2009/11/11/hacker-tool-exploits-vulnerability-in-jailbroken-iphones), I said that I didn't know if this hacking tool worked under Windows as well as OSX/Unix and Linux. I've subsequently exchanged email with Philippe Devallois at Intego, who tells me (thanks, Philippe!) that in principle, it will work fine with Windows. It's written in Python (as

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