This could ruin your date: another site under attack

Match.com becomes the latest dating website to be targeted by cybercriminals, with experts finding that it has been subjected to a malvertising attack.

Google puts a stop to Adsense malvertising campaign

A ‘widespread’ malicious advertising campaign that sent web browsers to immitation websites has been stopped by Google

AOL blocks malicious ads from its advertising platform

AOL has taken steps to stop a set of malicious advertisements being served through their sites, including The Huffington Post, Computer Business Review reports.

Malvertising, o ataque das propagandas

A prática de inserir malware em publicidade online já é algo conhecido há anos, e o termo malvertising (publicidade maliciosa, ou malware em publicidades) foi novidade em 2007. Porém, os recentes ataques lançados por governos com a ajuda de grandes empresas de tecnologia contra as botnets somados a usuários mais atentos em relação aos ataques

Torrent site Demonoid blocked by Google for serving malware

The torrent site Demonoid was blocked by Google after tests by the search giant found that pages within the site contained banner adverts which were installing malware on users’ PCs.

Security alert over sensors in smartphones – is your accelerometer selling you out?

Most smartphones today contain an accelerometer – without them, the latest fitness apps don’t work – but a Stanford researchers has shown that the sensor can be used to “fingerprint” a device, handing valuable data to unscrupulous advertisers.


I recently received a couple of questions about malvertising in my askeset@eset.com. AskESET@eset.com is used only to field general security questions, I cannot and do not offer product support. Malvertising is a multi-compound word. Mal, in this case is short for malware, which means malicious software. “vertising” is the advertising portion of the word, so

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