16 years of Mac OS X: Secure but not invincible to malware

Mac OS X is still secure 16 years after its creation, but increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. No operating system is 100% malware-proof.

Hackers exploit OS X zero-day vulnerability

Hackers have exploited a zero-day vulnerability in the latest version of Apple’s OS X.

Google reveals trio of security vulnerabilities in OS X

Google’s Project Zero has released information on three as yet unpatched vulnerabilities in Apple’s OS X operating system, reports Ars Technica.

Prendem os criadores do WireLurker, o malware para Mac OS e iOS

Três pessoas foram presas na China, suspeitos de estarem envolvidas na criação e distribuição do WireLurker, o malware que ataca iPhones e Mac, descoberto no início do mês. Os suspeitos, que foram identificados por seus sobrenomes Wang, Lee e Chen segundo o site Security Week, estão sob custódia desde o dia 13 de novembro. As

How to fix Shellshock Bash on Mac OS X: Mavericks edition

Apple Mac OS X users concerned about the Bash vulnerability dubbed Shellshock got some relief late yesterday as Apple published fixes for various versions of OS X. But if you use Mavericks you will need to install 10.9.5 before the Bash fix will work.

iPhone and Apple ransom incidents? Don’t delay locking down your i-stuff

Some users of Apple iPhones, iPads and Macs have been getting strange wake up calls and unsettling messages demanding a ransom for access to their devices. Now is the time to make your i-stuff is locked down, even if you don’t live in Australia.

Proteja o seu MAC dominando a segurança do Sistema Operacional Mavericks

O Mavericks 10.9 é a primeira atualização gratuita do sistema operacional da Apple, e sem dúvidas é um grande passo no que diz respeito à segurança. Se o computador está com as atualizações de software em dia, os usuários do MAC podem acessar a nova versão. Algumas das características de segurança são automáticas, porém outras

Usuarios de dispositivos móviles también son víctimas de Heartbleed

Millones de dispositivos con Android son actualmente vulnerables a Heartbleed, la falla en OpenSSL que dejó al descubierto información sensible como contraseñas y credenciales bancarias de sitios alojados en los servidores afectados. A continuación veremos cómo esta vulnerabilidad afecta a los distintos proveedores móviles. ¿Qué sucede con Android? La semana pasada, Google anunció que Android

Five tips to help control your privacy on Mac OS X

Apple’s Mac OS X Mavericks has some very neat privacy features built in – from a “Guest User” account which restricts people to using Safari when borrowing your Mac to a panel which prevents apps using your location.

Mac malware spread disguised as cracked versions of Angry Birds, Pixelmator and other top apps

Pirated versions of popular Mac apps, spread via torrent sites, try to infect your computer with malware… and steal Bitcoins.

¿No actualizaste tu iPhone o iPad el fin de semana? Es hora de hacerlo

El fin de semana se hizo púlica una vulnerabilidad de alta criticidad para sistemas iOS, es decir, para todos aquellos que cuenten con dispositivos de Apple como iPhone o iPad, e incluso posteriormente se anunció que los equipos con Mac OS también están en riesgo. La vulnerabilidad afecta la seguridad en el uso del procotolo

New to Mac? Four security tips you need to know

Mac OS X is a slick, easy-to-use operating system with an impressive record on security – and basic malware detection built in since 2009’s Snow Leopard update. While Macs have seen sales slowing in the past year, due largely to losing market share to their own stablemates, iPads, and other mobile devices, they’re a growing

Knock, knock, unlock: New app unlocks Macs with two taps on your iPhone

A new app lets you unlock Mac computers without entering a password – users simply tap on a paired iPhone with the Knock app when near the Mac, and it opens up.

Tech support scam update: still flourishing, still evolving

[Update 30th October 2013: with regard to the ping gambit discussed below, please note that protection.com now responds to ICMP echo requests – in other words, if you now run the command “ping protection.com” you should now see a screen something like this: Note that this is perfectly normal behaviour for a site that responds

Why Mac security product testing is harder than you think

As both Macs and Mac malware increase in prevalence, the importance of testing the software intended to supplement the internal security of OS X increases too. But testing security products on Mac is tricky, due to Apple’s own countermeasures. Can it be made easier?

From flicks to clicks: Mac OS X Trojan Adware.Yontoo infects via fake codec

Protection and remediation tips for Mac OS X users targeted by a Trojan adware plugin called Yontoo hidden behind movie trailer and other media playing links, generating money for criminals exploiting online ad schemes.

Después de Facebook, atacan a empleados de Apple

Durante el mes de febrero tres grandes compañías de tecnología Apple, Facebook y Twitter fueron afectadas por algún incidente. Ayer en la tarde informábamos sobre cómo un exploit 0-day de Java logró instalar malware en Facebook durante el fin de semana. Hoy de acuerdo a informaciones de la agencia internacional de noticias Reuters, Apple reconoció

Straight facts about Mac malware, threats and responses

Does your Apple Mac need antivirus software, or any other kind of security software? This question has been asked repeatedly over the years and I think the “correct’ answer has changed over time.

Your Apple Mac made even safer: Part 3 of securing new devices

If you recently acquired an Apple Mac computer there are several simple steps you can take to protect your new machine, and all of the valuable information you will be storing on it.

Think before you take that old computer to the city dump

We tend to replace our computers more often these days but how do you ensure that you don’t give away your data when you pass on that old desktop or laptop? Here are our top tips for safer computer disposal.  Back up your data Before you do anything with your existing PC or laptop, ensure

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