Student arrested for grade-changing school data breach

A 17-year-old student in America has been arrested and charged with illegally accessing government computers, months after the data breach took place.

Operation Liberpy: Keyloggers and information theft in Latin America

In April, ESET’s Laboratory in Latin America received a report on an executable program named “Liberty2-0.exe.” Now, it asks is there a version 1.0?

Popular GTA V mods come with unwanted malware

Two popular Grand Theft Auto V modifications have been found to contain unwanted additional malware, according to The Escapist.

Gamescom 2014: World of Malware?

The gaming industry keeps growing, and the crowds at Cologne’s Gamescom 2014, show why big game titles are rapidly becoming a target for cybercrime. Our tips will help you enjoy the latest games – without hackers declaring ‘Game Over’.

Código malicioso permite acceso remoto a tarjetas inteligentes

Recientemente se ha publicado información donde se afirma que existe malware que puede afectar a tarjetas inteligentes. No es la primera vez que se ve la existencia de códigos maliciosos que pueden infectar diferentes dispositivos electrónicos explotando diferentes vulnerabilidades. Un caso que demuestra lo planteado fue Aidra, la botnet que afectaba routers, tablets y otros

Resumen de amenazas de julio

Tenemos el agrado de compartir con ustedes el reporte mensual de amenazas y tendencias correspondientes a julio, mes en el que ocurrieron algunas novedades relacionadas a la compañía. Por un lado, dimos por finalizada la etapa de evaluación y selección de ganadores del Premio Universitario ESET 2012. Asimismo, lanzamos el Desafío N°21 que consistió en

Cybercrime Corner Revisited

You may be aware that Cameron Camp and I regularly write articles for SC Magazine's Cybercrime Corner: here here's a catch-up list of the most recent, in the hope that you might find them of use and interest. At any rate, it'll give some idea of the range of content covered. Ten years later, still the same

Samsung and I Got Bit by a VIPRE

Yesterday I reported that Samsung laptops were infected with a keystroke logger. This certainly appeared to be the case as a Samsung supervisor reportedly confirmed (http://www.networkworld.com/newsletters/sec/2011/040411sec1.html) that Samsung shipped infected laptops. Samsung has since indicated that this is not the case. This incident has some very important lessons. My entire information supply was polluted and

More unflattering imitation

[Update: more information from ESET on this malware here.] Last October, my colleague Tasneem Patanwala blogged about rogue antivirus masquerading as an ESET product. In that instance it was a product calling itself Smart Security, and Tasneem's blog includes lots of useful information about that particular malware, and fake AV in general. Looking through my

Public Access PCs Booby-Trapped

…keyloggers were found to have been attached to PCs used by members of the public…

The Sound of a Credit Card

A recent article at http://www.thinq.co.uk/2011/1/20/android-trojan-captures-credit-card-details/#ixzz1Bb8RGsWS describes how an attack against Android based phones might be able to capture your credit card information even when you speak it into the phone. The interesting thing about this proof of concept is not that the application can capture voice details, but rather that it uses a second application

Una historia con moraleja: no robes la computadora de un hacker

Hoy les traigo una historia, un cuento, pero real. Se trata del relato contado por Zoz, en la prestigiosa conferencia sobre hacking, Defcon, llevada a cabo en Las Vegas en agosto de este año. La charla, disponible en video en este mismo post, fue presentada bajo el título “Pwned By The Owner: What Happens When

Keylogging taken seriously: Security upgrades in the new Hotmail

Microsoft Hotmail has a new feature: Out of Band Authentication via cell phone SMS Text. They call it ‘single-use codes’: Single-use codes This new security feature is designed to further protect you when you sign in from a public computer, such as those found in internet cafés, airports, and coffee shops. When you request a

Facing Down Facebook

An IT/business magazine called Information Age, apparently aimed at executives with interest and responsibilities in IT, hit my letterbox this morning. That’s an actual magazine with real paper pages: remember those? Seeing as it’s Saturday, I took it back to bed with me to look through while I had the first coffee of the day, and

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