Resumen de amenazas de abril

Escuchá el resumen mensual de amenazas en formato podcast: [audio:http://www.eset-la.com/resources/podcast/201104-podcast-eset-rma.mp3|titles=Podcast RMA – abril de 2011 – ESET] Nuevamente traemos con ustedes el resumen mensual de amenazas correspondiente al mes de abril. Se reportó durante este mes una importante intrusión a la red de Sony PlayStation en donde se expusieron los datos de 77 millones de

Hacker tool exploits vulnerability in jailbroken iPhones

I don't really want to keep banging on about jailbroken iPhones when there are threats out there that affect many more people (though according to Intego, 6-8% of iPhones are, in fact, jailbroken, so I don't want to minimize the threat either). I'm quoting Intego because they've just blogged (http://blog.intego.com/2009/11/11/intego-security-memo-hacker-tool-copies-personal-info-from-iphones/) what I think is a

ikee iPhone iWorm iSource: iYukkkkk!!!!

Inevitably, the source code for the ikee worm I mentioned in a previous blog (http://www.eset.com/threat-center/blog/2009/11/10/iworm-ikee-sex-and-drugs-and-rick-and-roll) has crept back out from under its rock. It's probably equally inevitable that there'll be more script-kiddy attempts to produce variants and it will be easier for heavy-duty malware creators to produce new malware using similar techniques, if they're so-minded. If you

iWorm ikee: Sex and Drugs and Rick and Roll

The iPhone, it seems, is under siege: a recent worm exploits a known (and previously exploited) vulnerability that affects the owners of "jailbroken" phones on which OpenSSH has been installed. (Jailbreaking allows iPhone users to install and use unapproved applications.) Of course, there's been an enormous amount of media coverage on this already (I've just

Apple Announces QuickSand

Wow, talk about burying your head in the sand. One day Apple will learn, but that day is not today. In an article at http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2009/07/apple-claims-jailbreaking-could-bring-down-the-network.ars Apple claimes that “jailbreaking” iphones may cause their towers to crash. The purpose in this claim is to avoid security at all costs and try to get the government to

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