New YiSpecter malware attacks iOS devices without jailbreak

A new malware identified as YiSpecter attacks iOS devices with and without jailbreak, researchers from Palo Alto Networks have revealed. ESET has detected this malware as a trojan with both variants iOS/YiSpecter.A and iOS/YiSpecter.B.

Apple removes hundreds of malicious apps after major malware attack

Apple has removed more than 300 malicious apps after confirming the first major breach to its iOS app store.

iOS 9 boosts iPhone 6s and iPad Pro security with improved 2FA

Apple has announced that iOS 9 will launch on September 16th. The updated operating system will have even greater security features, including a stronger passcode and improved 2FA.

How to stop pervy pics popping up on your iPhone

Don’t be cyber-flashed by a pervert. Make sure that your iOS device’s AirDrop settings are configured properly to protect your eyes from unpleasantness.

New iPhone update blocks apps from seeing other apps you’ve installed

Apple will reportedly introduce a new privacy update for the iPhone that will prevent installed iOS apps from seeing which other apps have been downloaded to the device.

Apple iOS and OS X flaws leave passwords vulnerable

A vulnerability found in Apple’s iOS and OS X devices could allow hackers to upload malware and steal passwords for services including Mail and iCloud

iOS bug leaves iCloud passwords vulnerable

A security researcher has highlighted an iOS bug that makes it easier for hackers to to steal iCloud passwords.

No iOS Zone, the vulnerability that enables DoS attacks on Apple devices

Two researchers surprised people by demonstrating how they could carry out a denial of service (DoS) attack on iOS devices.

1,500 iOS apps open to simple man-in-the-middle attacks

Around 1,500 apps for iPhone and iPad contain an HTTPS vulnerability making it ‘trivial’ for hackers to perform man-in-the-middle attacks to steal passwords, bank details and other private information.

Operating System Vulnerabilities, Exploits and Insecurity

iOS and OS X the most vulnerable operating systems? Don’t confuse vulnerabilities with exploits, or patch frequency with insecurity.

Yik Yak – what security-conscious users need to know

It’s billed as the hottest new messaging app on the planet, and it’s rocketed into the top ten in the U.S. in just a year. But how safe are you on Yik Yak?

Prendem os criadores do WireLurker, o malware para Mac OS e iOS

Três pessoas foram presas na China, suspeitos de estarem envolvidas na criação e distribuição do WireLurker, o malware que ataca iPhones e Mac, descoberto no início do mês. Os suspeitos, que foram identificados por seus sobrenomes Wang, Lee e Chen segundo o site Security Week, estão sob custódia desde o dia 13 de novembro. As

Microsoft issues rapid fix to GroupMe exploit

iOS and Android messaging app GroupMe has had a possible vulnerability fixed quickly by Microsoft, according to The Register. There was no evidence to suggest any cybercriminals had been able to exploit the flaw before it was patched.

Cómo explotar vulnerabilidades en dispositivos móviles a escala global

Cubriendo BlackHat USA 2014, vimos cómo se podría explotar vulnerabilidades en el sistema de control de las operadoras para comprometer teléfonos.

iPhone and Apple ransom incidents? Don’t delay locking down your i-stuff

Some users of Apple iPhones, iPads and Macs have been getting strange wake up calls and unsettling messages demanding a ransom for access to their devices. Now is the time to make your i-stuff is locked down, even if you don’t live in Australia.

“Ransomware” en Apple: dispositivos bloqueados remotamente

Usuarios de dispositivos Apple como por ejemplo iPhone, iPod e iPad que utilizan iOS, principalmente de Australia, han sido víctimas de un ransomware que secuestra sus equipos y pide un rescate en dólares. Algunos sitios reportan que el precio es de 50 dólares/euros, mientras que otros indican que se han pedido 100 dólares/euros vía Paypal.

How to protect children from in-app purchase rip-offs

Parents who simply hand an iPhone or iPad to a child and let them play a favorite game risk children buying expensive in-game items. But the new version of iOS has some great defenses built in.

Usuarios de dispositivos móviles también son víctimas de Heartbleed

Millones de dispositivos con Android son actualmente vulnerables a Heartbleed, la falla en OpenSSL que dejó al descubierto información sensible como contraseñas y credenciales bancarias de sitios alojados en los servidores afectados. A continuación veremos cómo esta vulnerabilidad afecta a los distintos proveedores móviles. ¿Qué sucede con Android? La semana pasada, Google anunció que Android

Nuevo curso sobre Seguridad Móvil en la Plataforma Educativa ESET

Desde el Laboratorio de Investigación de ESET Latinoamérica nos complace anunciarles que hemos publicado un nuevo curso en nuestra Plataforma Educativa ESET. En este caso, el material es sobre cómo aumentar la seguridad en los dispositivos móviles. El motivo principal que nos llevó a realizar un curso sobre seguridad para dispositivos móviles, es que en

¿No actualizaste tu iPhone o iPad el fin de semana? Es hora de hacerlo

El fin de semana se hizo púlica una vulnerabilidad de alta criticidad para sistemas iOS, es decir, para todos aquellos que cuenten con dispositivos de Apple como iPhone o iPad, e incluso posteriormente se anunció que los equipos con Mac OS también están en riesgo. La vulnerabilidad afecta la seguridad en el uso del procotolo

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