Spring Brings Tax-related Scams, Spams, Phish, Malware, and the IRS

Spring is here and that means scam artists are thinking about income taxes and the IRS. Not that scam artists pay income taxes, they just know taxes and any mention of the IRS is a good way to get your attention, which explains a steady stream of deceptive emails targeting tax-paying Americans who now have

Intuit Comes Back… sort of

Ginny Lee, CIO at Intuit stated: Our preliminary investigation indicates the outage occurred during a routine maintenance procedure Tuesday night. An accidental power failure during that procedure affected both our primary and backup systems, taking a number of Intuit websites and services offline. While power was quickly restored, we’re working diligently to validate our systems

Intuit Offline

For more than 24 hours Intuit has been offline. Intuit is a financial services company that provides the products TurboTax, Quicken and the QuickBooks accounting program. According to the Wall Street Journal Intuit has ruled out a cyber attack, however, the duration of the outage would tend to indicate a security breach. It is quite

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