Xi Jinping: Cyberattacks a global challenge

China’s president, Xi Jinping, has called on the international community to work together to fight cyberattacks, which he described as a global challenge.

The internet started with the transfer of two letters: Today it’s changing millions of lives

Exactly 46 years ago, on October 29th, 1969, the first bits of data were transmitted over a long distance between two computers … and the internet was born. International Internet Day present a great opportunity to remember how this global venture and its security have evolved.

Nine out of ten parents worry about kids online − yet few act

The internet is arguably the new frontier for communication, collaboration and business but, with criminals also using it for ill-gotten gains, it does have its bad parts too. And this is making life difficult for parents struggling to keep up with their child’s technology obsession.

Researchers win Internet Defense Prize for C++ detection tool

Internet Defense Prize goes to researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology for designing a tool that detects a new class of C++ vulnerabilities.

How did the Internet change the everyday work of a security researcher?

Aryeh Goretsky and David Harley talk to Sabrina Pagnotta about the internet’s impact on security research.

The curious case of the ex-hacker “banned from the internet”

What kind of punishment best fits a convicted hacker? Jail time for serious computer crimes is almost a certainty, but for one ex-hacker, Higinio Ochoa, the terms of his parole also include being “banned from the internet”.

Usuarios argentinos de Arnet afectados por “Internet parcialmente bloqueada”

Un ataque DNS Cache Poisoning a los servidores DNS de Arnet hizo que los usuarios con ciertos modelos de módems ADSL tuvieran su acceso a Internet bloqueado, luego de que se explotara una vulnerabilidad en los equipos.

Argentina penalizará el acoso sexual en Internet

Las legislaciones relacionadas al cibercrimen siguen adquiriendo forma en América Latina. Queremos compartir con ustedes un hecho sumamente positivo que se está llevando a cabo en la región y que manifiesta una voluntad de poder mejorar la protección de las personas y, sobre todas las cosas, los niños en Internet. Este miércoles en Argentina, se

Carrots, Sticks and Cyber-spies

Carrots, Sticks and Cyber-spies The US legislature is proposing international cybercrime laws according to an article on Dark Reading . The idea is to provide incentives to cooperate on fighting cybercrime, as well as penalties for countries that do not cooperate. Part of the plan calls for a “Cyber-Security Ambassador” . There is an interesting

Vulnerabilidad 0-Day crítica en Microsoft Internet Explorer

Se ha descubierto que una nueva vulnerabilidad del tipo 0-day (identificada por MITRE como CVE-2010-0806) está circulando in-the-wild en Internet. Microsoft ha confirmado la vulnerabilidad 981374 y ha dicho que se encuentra trabajando en la solución. La vulnerabilidad hace uso de “use-after-free” (puntero de referencia inválida) en la librería iepeers.dll y afecta a las versiones

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