iOS bug leaves iCloud passwords vulnerable

A security researcher has highlighted an iOS bug that makes it easier for hackers to to steal iCloud passwords.

FBI trace celebrity iCloud hacks to Chicago home

The FBI has seized a computer, cellphones and storage devices belonging to a Chicago man thought to be responsible for last year’s iCloud hacks.

Kris Jenner reveals naked video could be leaked in iCloud hack

Kris Jenner is reportedly being blackmailed over a naked video that was stolen from her iCloud and could be released in the public sphere.

iCloud users in China under attack. But who could be after their passwords?

Make sure you are running a half-decent browser, don’t ignore browser security warnings, and enable two-factor authentication.

That appears to be the lesson to learn from the latest attack on Chinese internet users.

Cómo proteger tu contenido en iCloud (y que no se filtre)

Las famosas cuyas fotos íntimas se filtraron utilizaban iCloud. Sin embargo, el sistema no sufrió una brecha: hubo un ataque dirigido. ¿Cómo protegerte?

“Ransomware” en Apple: dispositivos bloqueados remotamente

Usuarios de dispositivos Apple como por ejemplo iPhone, iPod e iPad que utilizan iOS, principalmente de Australia, han sido víctimas de un ransomware que secuestra sus equipos y pide un rescate en dólares. Algunos sitios reportan que el precio es de 50 dólares/euros, mientras que otros indican que se han pedido 100 dólares/euros vía Paypal.

Authentication attacks: Apple, Amazon, iCloud, Google, anything with a password

Sharing details of the hack that “wiped his life” has earned Mat Honan a place in the annals of information system security; the specific inter-dependence of flawed authentication systems that cost him so dearly–encompassing Apple, iCloud, Amazon.com, Gmail and more–would probably still exist if Mat had not gone public. Wired has the full story here

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