DEF CON – Upgrading your mom’s basement

If Black Hat is becoming the new RSA, then DEF CON is oozing toward Black Hat, it seems, and B-Sides is the new DEF CON. This year it got some Ikea furniture to spruce up its mom’s basement. Not totally commercial, but definitely more – first apartment folding furniture – chic; the basement just got upgraded.

Cheap wifi privacy device pulled with no explanation

A planned Defcon talk around a low-cost privacy device called ProxyHam has been cancelled.

Hackers invited to break Apple, Fitbit and Samsung devices at Defcon 2015

Internet of Things devices from the likes of Apple, Fitbit and Samsung will be pushed to their limits this August at the DefCon 23 conference, where hackers have been invited to test the latest gadgets for possible exploits.

¿Qué esperas para participar del Premio Universitario ESET?

Queremos recordarles que se encuentra abierta la inscripción al Premio Universitario ESET 2014, el concurso que premia a los mejores trabajos de investigación en seguridad informática elaborados por estudiantes de Latinoamérica. Por eso, hemos preparado un video para contarles todo acerca de esta iniciativa pionera en la región. ¿En qué consiste el Premio Universitario ESET?

Participa del Premio Universitario ESET y ¡gana un viaje a Las Vegas!

Nos complace contarles que ya está abierta la inscripción al Premio Universitario ESET 2014, que premiará con un viaje con todo pago a Las Vegas al autor del mejor trabajo de investigación en seguridad informática para asistir a DEF CON, uno de los congresos más prestigiosos de hacking del mundo. En esta octava edición del

Mac OSX/iOS hacks at Blackhat – are scammers setting their sights?

For years scammers and hackers  focused largely on Windows x86-based platforms, in many ways because that’s where the bulk of the users were. But times change, and new targets emerge. At Blackhat and Defcon last week we saw a flurry of talks on Mac OSX/iOS security,  trying to illuminate possible chinks in the armor. From

Rakshasa hardware backdooring: the demon that can't be exorcized?

Jonathan Brossard describes an ‘undetectable, unremovable’ attack on firmware through gimmicked hardware or a subsequent malware attack. David Harley isn’t convinced.

Defcon focus on the Fed comes with conflicting emotions

After my colleague Stephen Cobb stood in a huge line at Defcon waiting to get into the Friday keynote by NSA chief General Alexander, plus a swarm of interest shown at the two-part Meet the Fed panel presentation the next day, it’s becoming clear that multiple agencies of the federal government are focused on hackers,

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