Are smartphones threatening the security of our IoT devices?

The number of IoT devices is set to surpass 20 billion by 2020. We take a look at how connected things threaten our security as cybercriminals exploit weaknesses in the smartphones that control them.

£20 million cybersecurity programme to train teenagers set to launch in UK

A new £20 million cybersecurity programme to train teenagers will be launched in the UK this autumn, as part of the government’s plans to address the skills gap.

88% feel vulnerable to data threats

Thales Group has announced the results of its 2017 data threat report, showing that the number of global data breaches has increased from 2016.

Millennials: Meet the next generation of cybersecurity

As baby boomers retire and the employment gap in cybersecurity is plugged by generation x, we look at how millennials are set to shape the industry.

Disney, Depp and the cyber supply chain risk management problem

Multimillion dollar movies and TV shows are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. ESET’s Stephen Cobb investigates the cyber supply chain risk management problem and explains what to do about it.

Employees have “low cyber IQ” despite high corporate confidence

Businesses are confident that they have sufficient cybersecurity systems in place to protect them, but in reality the weak link may be their employees, who lack basic skills and knowledge.

10 ways to prepare your organization for GDPR

GDPR is coming into play in May 2018, but a lot of companies remain unprepared, which could have implications on how they process data.

Healthcare challenges: Ransomware and the Internet of Things are the tip of the iceberg

ESET’s Lysa Myers discusses the challenges facing healthcare technology, medical and fitness devices and highlights the need to secure medical devices

The economics of cybersecurity for the undecided

How do you calculate the value at risk? Choosing between investing in antivirus software or doing nothing to prevent cybercrime is not black and white. We explore the grey areas of cybersecurity economics.

Challenges and implications of cybersecurity legislation

Cybersecurity legislation: organization, collaboration and diffusion across the globe, and working towards the populization of cybersecurity culture

10 ways to ruin a cybercriminal’s day

Technology is affecting our relationships and changing our lives, but are we taking the necessary measures to protect ourselves online? Here’s how to outsmart cybercriminals.

UK government to roll out cybersecurity clubs for teens to address skills shortage

A new government scheme will be rolled out to thousands of 14-18 year olds across the UK, encouraging them to take part in extracurricular cybersecurity clubs.

InterContinental Hotels Group confirms suspected data breach

The InterContinental Hotels Group has revealed that 12 of its hotels suffered a data breach between August and December last year.

Strategic cybersecurity will stymie ‘expanding threat landscape’

Strategic cybersecurity the key to keeping the threat of cyberattacks at bay, a new report states.

Over half of US citizens ‘have experienced a data breach’

A significant number of US citizens have experienced a data breach and are concerned over the security of their personal information, a study reveals.

Cybersecurity: 5 basic lessons for everyone

A new way of looking at cybersecurity, no longer viewing it as a goal in itself, but instead something that is directly connected to business needs.

Desperately seeking cybersecurity skills

Cybercrime is victimizing US companies and consumers, but a gap in cybersecurity skills presents a problem for the federal government. ESET’s Stephen Cobb investigates.

RoT: Ransomware of Things

Could the Internet of Things spark the Ransomware of Things? ESET’s Stephen Cobb examines how ransomware and jackware are evolving.

Lloyds Banking Group hit with distributed denial of service attack

Lloyds Banking Group fell victim to an attempted cyberattack earlier this month, which saw cybercriminals attempt to crash the online banking service over a two day period.

European organizations ‘underestimate cybersecurity risks’

A new survey suggests that businesses across Europe are failing to grasp the severity of cybersecurity risks, leaving them exposed to all sorts of attacks.

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