TorrentLocker now targets UK with Royal Mail phishing

Three weeks ago, iSIGHT Partners discovered a new Ransomware encrypting victims’ documents. They dubbed this new threat TorrentLocker. TorrentLocker propagates via spam messages containing a link to a phishing page where the user is asked to download and execute “package tracking information”. In August, only Australians were targeted with fake Australian Post package-tracking page. While

Would you allow cybercriminals onto your computer for money?

Cybercriminals could buy their way into your computer for less than a dollar, a new study has found. The study, led by Nicolas Christin at Carnegie Mellon University, examined how much money they would have to offer home users to install software onto their computers or other devices.

GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker: Law enforcement hits gang responsible

FBI names as “Most Wanted” the leader of cyber criminal gang based in Russia and Ukraine responsible for both GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker schemes, as law enforcement agencies crack down on cyber crime infrastructure.

11 things you can do to protect against ransomware, including Cryptolocker

11 things you can be doing to better protect your computers and data from ransomware such as Cryptolocker that is currently targeting businesses big and small.

Criminales lanzan servicio web para descifrar archivos afectados con CryptoLocker

Este fin de semana, ha sido subido a Internet un supuesto servicio que, ante el pago de una suma de dinero, ofrece el envío de una herramienta para la recuperación de los archivos cifrados con CryptoLocker. Dado que muchos usuarios han sufrido la inutilización de sus archivos importantes, podrían ver en este servicio una luz

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