Bitcoin community ‘needs to collaborate’ over security and scalability

In an open letter to members of its own community, Bitcoin developers and contributors have called for greater cooperation over security and scalability.

Outdated Bitcoin mining software loses miners thousands

Bitcoin has issued an urgent warning that very recent transactions could be invalid, due to a glitch with older mining software that could cause Bitcoins to be double-spent.

$40k of bitcoin lost in Coinapult hot wallet hack

Coinapult, a long-running bitcoin wallet service, announced on Monday that its hot wallet had been compromised to the tune of 150 coins – around $42,900.

Five alternatives to Bitcoin

Here’s a small selection of alternatives to Bitcoin – each of which has its own advantages. All of them share Bitcoin’s fundamental strengths, however – minimal or zero transfer fees, and freedom from traditional banking restrictions.

10 tips for protecting your virtual Bitcoin wallet

There have been some high-profile Bitcoin thefts recently. Here are 10 tips on protecting your virtual bitcoin wallet.

MyCoin closure leaves $387 million missing in investor funds

Investors fear they may have lost up to $387 million after Bitcoin exchange MyCoin shut down this week, reports ZD Net.

Bitstamp hacked for $5 million in Bitcoin

19,000 Bitcoin – valued at around $275 each, so $5 million together – have been stolen from a majour European Bitcoin exchange, reports RT.

Police close in on Bitcoin fraudsters who stole $370m in Mt Gox collapse

Police are closing in on thieves who stole Bitcoin valued at $370 million during the collapse of popular exchange Mt Gox – and just 1% of the theft is believed to be the work of outside hackers.

Bitcoin creator – could he be ‘outed’ after email ransom?

Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, who goes by the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, could be about to have his identity made public, after a series of emails from the address that has been his only point of contact with the world since 2011.

Week in Security: Game over in Korea, cellphone snoops and phishy Bitcoins

Gamers and cellphone users were targeted by criminal groups around the world this week – while retailers continued to suffer at the hands of POS malware, and a phishing campaign highlighted just how hot Bitcoin is right now.

Bitcoin wallet phishing scores unlikely hit with crypto-curious

A new tactic where waves of Bitcoin wallet phishing emails are targeted at corporations has proved a success for the criminals behind it – with nearly 2.7% of victims clicking on the malicious link embedded in the two waves of 12,000 emails.

Usuarios argentinos de Arnet afectados por “Internet parcialmente bloqueada”

Un ataque DNS Cache Poisoning a los servidores DNS de Arnet hizo que los usuarios con ciertos modelos de módems ADSL tuvieran su acceso a Internet bloqueado, luego de que se explotara una vulnerabilidad en los equipos.

Silk Road Bitcoin auction bidders targeted in phishing scam

A leaked list of people who had enquired about the auction for bitcoins from the “dark market” Silk Road provided a target for phishing scammers – and at least one site fell for the scam emails.

Bitcoin extortion letters threaten pizza restaurants

Extorted for Bitcoin? Some U.S. pizza restaurant owners have been receiving letters threatening them with bad reviews, fake pizza orders, food contamination and, in extreme cases, even bombs.

Brecha en eBay: la base de datos de usuarios publicada es falsa

En el sitio de archivos anónimo Pastebin se ha publicado una supuesta base de datos de clientes afectados por la brecha de seguridad en eBay, reportada ayer. La misma estaba en venta por 1,45 bitcoins, pero la compañía dijo que era falsa y que no contenía datos de clientes reales de eBay. La lista en

Una empresa argentina fue víctima de ransomware: 2.500 dólares por rescatar sus archivos

La siguiente noticia nos llega del diario La Voz del Interior. La Barranca SRL, un grupo propietario de estaciones de servicio en Río Cuarto y otras localidades de la provincia argentina de Córdoba, denunció ante la Justicia cordobesa que fue víctima de una extorsión informática. Según declararon, un cibercriminal extranjero bajo el seudónimo de “Jack

Surveillance cameras hijacked to mine Bitcoin while watching you

Malware written specifically for DVR recorders used for the output of surveillance cameras has forced some machines to mine Bitcoin – although the low-powered machines are ‘very bad’ miners, Wired points out.

Ransomware, BitCoins y TOR: un paquete completo de cibersecuestro

La semana pasada, nos encontramos en el repositorio de malware que llegan al Laboratorio de Análisis e Investigación de ESET con una amenaza particular, de la cuál queremos compartir su análisis con ustedes. Este malware, no solo causa un dolor de cabeza a sus víctimas, sino que además cifra todos los archivos, documentos e imágenes

Bitcoin fixes Mt Gox theft bug – as exchange staff find 200,000 BTC in ‘forgotten’ wallet

Bitcoin’s developers have released a new version of the software, which includes a long-awaited fix for the “transaction malleability” bug which is said to have brought down the Mt Gox exchange – and Mt Gox staff have ‘found’ 200,000 BTC in an abandoned wallet in the exchange.

Financial files from Mt Gox supposedly ‘leak online’ after CEO targeted

A file of material purporting to include detailed information on trades at the Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, has surfaced online, after attackers targeted the personal blog and Reddit account of CEO Mark Karpeles.

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