Fraude de soporte telefónico utiliza un ataque de (MS-)DOS

Todavía nos siguen llegando comentarios e informes de los lectores de nuestro blog con respecto al problema persistente de estafadores (casi siempre provenientes de call centers en India) que intentan convencerlos de que sus PC están infectadas con virus o que fueron comprometidas por ataques de criminales informáticos. A continuación menciono algunas ideas como respuesta

Support Scammer Anna’s CLSID confusion

Scammer Anna claims to be from Global PC Helpline, and certainly that site seems to be confused about what it is and where it operates from.

Support Scammer Update: Misrepresenting Task Manager

David Harley describes a support scam that uses a slightly different twist, misrepresenting the output from Windows Task Manager.

How to recognize a PC support scam

Pointers on how to recognize PC support/coldcalling/ammyy.com/logmein.com scams before you hand over any cash.

Fake Support, And Now Fake Product Support

Cold-call scammers now claim to be AV support staff, but misuse a widening range of system utilities to con victims into believing they have malware.

Support Scammers (mis)using INF and PREFETCH

As well as misusing Event Viewer, ASSOC or a system CLSID, scammers hijack “prefetch” and “inf” to con victims into believing they have malware.

Support desk scams: CLSID not unique

…the scammer doesn’t need you to edit the registry to find the CLSID he’s looking for. He simply has to persuade you to run the ASSOC command…

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