How your nationality may influence your online Black Friday shopping

When it comes to shopping online, Germany is the most security conscious country in the world – most will use a security solution to thwart cybercriminals.

The security review: Industrie 4.0, Schrödinger’s Cat and weakening encryption

This week’s roundup of the past seven days includes a interesting piece on Industrie 4.0, Schrödinger’s antivirus, proposals to weaken encryption and much more.

Schrödinger’s antivirus: The immortality of antivirus software

The question of antivirus software being dead is one that doesn’t seem to go away. Why is that? Distinguished ESET researcher Aryeh Goretsky explores.

IDS, Firewall and Antivirus: what you need to have installed?

What’s the difference between IDS, firewalls and antivirus? This guide should explain how they complement each other in a balanced security setup.

Google offers refunds for buyers of fake Virus Shield app

Google is offering full refunds to buyers of the Virus Shield app which briefly topped the Android charts last week – but turned out to offer no protection whatsoever.

“Virus Shield” app is top-selling hit – but does absolutely nothing

Armed with an impressive-looking shield logo, security app Virus Shield shot to the top of the sales charts on Android last week. There was one, tiny, problem: the app was a fake.

Solutions to current antivirus challenges

The detection and blocking of malicious code employed by modern threats, whether targeted attacks or mass-spreading campaigns, has been a game of cat-and-mouse for some time now. Is it time for a new approach?

Dicas de navegação para aproveitar a Internet na velocidade máxima (e com segurança)

Hoje em dia, a maioria dos internautas já fica bem desconfiada quando chega um e-mail dizendo que temos 24 horas para abrir um documento de Word, em troca de 4 bilhões de dólares esperando, convenientemente, em uma conta nas Bahamas. Mas e-mails de “phishing” não são a única ameaça que enfrentamos online – sites inteiros

Data security and digital privacy on the road, what travelers should know

Summer is here and for many families that means travels plans, but do your summer travel plans include taking care of your data and digital devices? Which digital devices do you plan to take on your trip and what sort of data do they contain? Perhaps more importantly: What kind of data can they access?

Códigos QR e sua relação com o malware

Os Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) são “códigos de barras” de duas dimensões projetados para serem lidos e interpretados rapidamente. Atualmente, e somado à grande proliferação de smartphones no mercado, são muito utilizados para publicidade e campanhas de marketing. Isso ocorre devido à sua grande facilidade de manuseio, já que basta ao usuário apontar a

Cinco conselhos para controlar uma infecção por malware

Atualmente existem diversas ameaças que circulam pela rede com a finalidade de infectar a maior quantidade de sistemas possível. Uma vez realizada a infecção, o malware executa tarefas específicas de acordo com sua categoria. Muitas vezes o usuário é infectado por algum tipo de malware devido a algum descuido ou simplesmente por não tomar as

Facebook, trojans e botnets

Hoje vamos apresentar a vocês a análise de um código malicioso que se propagava através de e-mails falsos se passando por uma notificação do Facebook. A ameaça, detectada pelo ESET NOD32 Antivirus como Win32/VB.NRE, tenta transformar o computador em um integrante de uma botnet. Observaremos como é que este código malicioso infecta o sistema e

Apple Quietly Updates Malware Protection

Apple Insider has reported that Apple has silently added rudimentary protection for a threat that they call HellRTS. Our own David Harley has blogged about this at http://macviruscom.wordpress.com/2010/06/18/apples-covert-anti-malware-ops/. At the same time that Apple tries to fool users into thinking that malware doesn’t run on Macs, Apple is very slowly beginning to add very basic

Virus, Anti-Virus, Fake Anti-Virus

Round here, we're more than a little concerned about fake/rogue antivirus (and other fake security software). It's an ugly form of ransomware that hurts its victims in many ways. It scares them by threatening dire consequences and damage from malware that doesn't exist (except in the sense that the fake AV is itself malware), in

Disinfecting Files

I received a couple of questions from a reader about cleaning files. I thought the topic might be of interest to more than the reader, so I decided to post and answer the questions here, as well as providing a bit more information. The first question is: When an AV cleans an infected file, why

Anti-Malware: Last One Out, Please Turn Off The Lights

It doesn't surprise me when someone says, like David Einstein of the San Francisco Chronicle, that there's no need for a Mac user to run anti-virus software. Though the most usual reason I see given is that there aren't any Mac viruses. (There are, but nowadays the main reason to run anti-malware on any platform

Antivirus? Who Needs It?

I came across an interesting article today on "Breaking the conventional scheme of infection" at the evil fingers blog site. Actually, it’s by my colleague in Argentinia, ESET Latin America Security Analyst, Jorge Mieres, but I didn’t realize that at first. (The original blog is in Spanish, and if your command of that language is

Microsoft to Give Away AV Software

Microsoft announced that they will be dropping OneCare and providing a free consumer anti-virus product. Much like when Microsoft announced they would enter the anti-virus market, this has caused quite a bit of media buzz. Much like when Microsoft announced they would enter the anti-virus market, this is not a big deal. To start with,

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