Anonymous leaks 18GB worth of data belonging to Turkey’s national police force

The hacktivist group Anonymous has released close to 18GB worth of sensitive data from Turkey’s national police database, according to reports.

Thirty Meter Telescope website falls over in hacktivist DDoS attack

Hacktivists have launched a distributed denial-of-service attack against the website of TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope), which is planned to be the Northern hemisphere’s largest, most advanced optical telescope.

BBC website goes offline, but Jeremy Clarkson probably not to blame

This weekend, the BBC’s website went offline. The first conclusion many people jump to? It must be the work of Anonymous hacktivists angry about the suspension of Jeremy Clarkson. But how likely is that?

Anonymous hackers ‘declare war’ on al Qaeda and Islamic State

The Anonymous hacking collective has “declared war” against the terrorists said to be responsible for the shootings of staff at France’s satyrical Charlie Hebdo magazine, reports The Telegraph.

Burger King ou McDonalds? Como uma senha frágil no Twitter pode danificar sua imagem.

O caso que vamos comentar é nada mais nada menos que um novo ataque hacker, algo que já temos observado nos últimos tempos. Contudo, pelas características de como o ataque foi realizado, vale a pena uma menção. Resultado como parte da campanha #OpMadCow, um grupo do Anonymous entrou e tomou o controle da conta oficial

Site de webcams CAM4BUCKS é hackeado por brasileiro

Esse é o típico site que nunca ninguém conhece, ou diz não conhecer. Basicamente, o Cam4Bucks é um serviço que permite a “modelos amadores” exibirem ao vivo todo seu talento, cobrando módicas quantias em dinheiro, e a internautas ávidos por conteúdo erótico caseiro satisfazerem sua vontade – se possível, gratuitamente.   Pois bem, esse popular

Megaupload: outra oportunidade para falar de backups

Os fatos ocorridos em janeiro referentes ao fechamento do popular site de armazenamento de arquivos Megaupload por parte do FBI geraram diversas reportagens e artigos de opinião na Internet, tanto pelo debate sobre a propriedade intelectual, como também pelos ataques de hacktivismo do grupo Anonymous. Porém, há outro fator que vale ser comentado: O que

Anonymous and the Megaupload Aftermath: Hacktivism or Just Plain Ugly?

Yesterday’s announcement by the US Department of Justice that the operators of file-sharing site Megaupload had been indicted for operating a criminal enterprise that generated over $175 million by trafficking in over half a billion dollars of pirated copyrighted material has sent shockwaves across the Internet. The accuracy of those figures may be questionable, but

Passwords, Stratfor, and Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

Dazzlepod is saying … if your account name comes up, change your current password … why not assume that your account is compromised and go ahead and change it anyway and everywhere?

Cybercrime Corner Revisited

You may be aware that Cameron Camp and I regularly write articles for SC Magazine's Cybercrime Corner: here here's a catch-up list of the most recent, in the hope that you might find them of use and interest. At any rate, it'll give some idea of the range of content covered. Ten years later, still the same

I Can Neither Confirm nor Deny

As website appear to fall to hacks like the rain falls in Seattle, the question du jour doesn’t change from day to day. The same question is always asked… “Did Anonymous perform the attack?” What do all of these links below have in common? You don’t have to read them, I’ll tell you.. http://sdchamber-members.org/Business%20Online%202009-10/Business%20Action%20Online%20May%202010/Business%20Action%20Online%20May%20ESET.html http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/03/17/scientology_anonymous_round_three/

Why the IMF breach?

In the absence of any detailed information from the IMF itself, it’s not surprising that most of the surmise around the attack is based on internal IMF memos quoted by Bloomberg, and much of it is rather tenuous.

Stuxnet, Iran and Anonymous

Links to two Stuxnet-related stories have been added to the resources page at /2011/01/23/stuxnet-information-and-resources-3/. Kim Zetter, in Wired's "Threat Level" column Report: Stuxnet Hit 5 Gateway Targets on Its Way to Iranian Plant, summarizes the latest update to Symantec's Threat Dossier. Symantec researchers now believe that Stuxnet targeted five organizations in Iran as staging posts

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