Win32/Aibatook: troyano bancario en sitios para adultos de Japón

Win32/Aibatook es una familia de malware que dirige sus ataques a usuarios japoneses. Infecta los equipos a través de una cadena de infecciones propagadas por sitios legítimos comprometidos, con el propósito de robar información personal mediante una técnica de monitoreo de Internet Explorer poco común.

Hacked Japanese porn sites spread banking malware attack

Thinking of spending some time perusing Japanese porn websites before you do your online banking? Security researchers at ESET have analysed an organised malware campaign that stole the login credentials of online banking customers after infecting PCs that had visited X-rated websites.

Win32/Aibatook: Banking Trojan Spreading Through Japanese Adult Websites

Win32/Aibatook targets Japanese bank customers with an unusual Internet Explorer monitoring technique. We believe the malware has been in development for months – and is now ready for take-off.

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