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Phone scams: card fraud with that steak, Sir?

A new telephone scam in upscale restaurants in London, has “convincing” scammers calling restaurant staff and tricking them into believing there's a problem with the card system - and insisting customers call a bogus phone line.

How to avoid tech support scams

Tech support scams come in many different forms and can be hard to detect. Following these simple steps fromWe Live Security will help you recognise and avoid them.

Linkedin Scams: Know Your Enemy

Linkedin is the worlds largest professional network, but leaving your personal information open to the general public may expose you to cybercrime. Follow these top tips from We Live Security to help keep your account secure.

Tech Support Scams: Second Byte at the Cherry

Is there really anything new to be said about tech support scams? Unfortunately, the FTC tells us there is. Not only because people are still falling prey to this type of fraud, but because the scammers are still finding new approaches to harvesting their victims’ credit card details. Some quite interesting, sophisticated technical tricks are