Peter Kálnai

Peter Kálnai

Senior Malware Researcher

Education: Algebra on Matfyz at Charles University in Prague

Highlights of your career: Presenting ESET on the Virus Bulletin 2016 conference

Position and history at ESET: Malware Researcher since January 2016

What malware do you hate the most? The one with hardly any invention, but very destructive impact on a victim – like crypto-ransomware.

Favorite activities: Foosball/table football. Stand-up comedians. Movies.

What is your golden rule for cyberspace? User comfort is the blue pill while security is the red one. Always choose the latter.

When did you get your first computer and what kind was it? It was in 1998. The computer was a Windows 95 PC running on an Intel Pentium processor, with 32 MB RAM and 1.7 GB hard disk.

Favorite computer game/activity: Indie games like Limbo or Machinarium now, blockbusters like NHL 98 or Settlers II then.

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