Ondrej Kubovič

Ondrej Kubovič

Security Evangelist

Education: Bc. in Journalism, Master's Degree in Political Science

Highlights of your career: Working for Slovak media for seven years, focusing on IT security, homeland security and defense matters. Managing media department at Bratislava-based security conferenceGLOBSEC.

Position and history at ESET: Joined ESET as a Security Specialist in September 2015. Fresh, new and eager to work.

What malware do you hate the most? The one my family downloads and I have to remove.

Favorite activities: Freeride snowboarding, meeting new people, reading and, as boring as it sounds, traveling.

Golden rule for cyberspace? Backup, update and never go on a clicking spree.

When did you get your first computer and what kind was it? I think it was in 1994 – 286 with MS-DOS preinstalled. There was no monitor available, so we could only use it when nobody was watching the TV.

Favorite computer game / activity: Classics such as Counter-Strike or the Call of Duty series. But what I do most on my computer is browse the web looking for interesting stuff.

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