Michael Aguilar

Michael Aguilar

Business Security Specialist

Highlights of your career:Working with Fortune 500 companies to deploy secure software and aid in malware remediation; helping present ESET’s largest webinar in last five years and at an international ESET technical conference for the last two years; helping raise social engagement 5000% at ESET; and being a top-tier malware removal agent. The last one is my favorite. Also, I received an Employee of the Quarter in 2014.

Position and history at ESET: Started working at ESET 12/12/12 (the odds, right?!) as a malware removal engineer, moved over to business support, then became the business product technical lead for ESET North America.

What malware do you hate the most? I do not like any malware as it is an invasion of privacy or other. No one likes to be attacked.

Favorite activities: Reading and learning, especially OSCP related materials or offensive securities. I also really enjoy biking and playing music.

Golden rule for cyberspace? Play nice. There are always bigger fish with sharper teeth.

When did you get your first computer and what kind was it? I played with a Commodore 64 in my youth (four-five) and had an Apple II (thanks mom!) when I was six.

Favorite computer activity: My favorite computer – actual computer, not console – game was Hugo’s House of Horrors. My favorite board game/tabletop game is Pathfinder.

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