Diego Perez

Diego Perez

Malware Analyst

Education: I became a Technician in Electronics at Technical School No. 28 in Buenos Aires. Currently I study Systems Engineering at the National University of San Martin, Argentina.

Position and history at ESET: I joined ESET Latin America in 2013 as a Support Technician, and in early 2014 I started working as a Malware Analyst.

What is the malware you hate the most? : Trojan.

Favorite activities: Playing football and competing in motor racing.

What is your golden rule in cyberspace? : If you have any questions or concerns, you will find an answer on the internet.

When did you have your first computer and what type was it? : I got my first computer in 2002. It had a Windows 98 operating system.

What is your favorite activity or game on the computer? : At the moment I enjoy several activities like playing games related to cars or soccer, downloading music or videos and to update my social networks.

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Emotet: ESET‑Experten analysieren Banking‑Malware

Die Zahl an Malware, die es auf die Zugangsdaten von Onlinebanking-Kunden abgesehen hat, ist in der Vergangenheit stark angestiegen. Zu diesen schädlichen Codes gehört auch Emotet, eine gefährliche Malware, über die wir bereits Anfang des Jahres berichtet haben. ESET erkennt die Bedrohung unter der Signatur Win32/Emotet.AB.