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Cibercriminales pueden robar dinero de cajeros automáticos sin necesidad de tarjetas

En el reciente Chaos Communication Congress, investigadores han dado a conocer cómo atacantes vulneran cajeros automáticos para poder extraer todo el dinero que deseen. El ilícito se lleva a cabo gracias a un dispositivo de almacenamiento USB con contenido malicioso y gran conocimiento de la plataforma atacada. Tiempo atrás, el investigador en seguridad informática neozelandés

A look back at 2013 from some folks who live security

A look back at security research highlights from 2013. ESET researchers examined everything from Java exploits to rootkits, bootkits, worms, viruses, Trojans, targeted attacks, and security initiatives. Read about malware from Hesperbot to Cryptolocker and headline security breaches like Target, all in one report.

3D guns, copyright nastiness, and printers gone wild

Did you see the recent story about police in England seizing a 3D printer suspected of producing parts for a weapon – a pistol in this case? Yes, the Greater Manchester Police Department was swiftly nipping hi-tech crime in the bud. The only problem: The poor unsuspecting “criminal” was printing out spare parts for a